Sunday, September 25, 2022

Fabulous Fall Day

 Some of the trees are showing signs of turning, but they're not in their Fall colors yet. 

This is from two years ago. We have Bumper Crops of pine cones in the pine trees, maple seeds in the maple tree, and crab apples from the crab apple tree. Should be a good feed for the squirrels this year!


But it was in the 70's, sunny, with gentle breezes blowing, so let's hit the road!

Took the car up by Laporte to scout for Bingham Hill Road, which I found, but couldn't make the turn due to inattention at the time, so it's on the list for the next cruise. The old car is running MUCH better with fresh gas in it, and any roughness under load, and the slight misfire at idle it had, have disappeared. I cleaned all the outside glass with acetone to see if it would help get rid of the road film/overspray/general crud any better than glass cleaner, and it helped tremendously. It didn't get rid of the "Plethora of Pits" in the glass from getting smacked by grit these last 37 years, but it's much, much better than when I first took it out after hibernation. SO....a new windshield is definitely in the cards, and I went through my stash of parts, and found I have four sets of all the required clips and fasteners, and two "cams" used to keep the adhesive away from the interior. Most windshield places I've heard about don't use the dams, and it can result in the urethane windshield adhesive seeping inside of the car. I've got all of the bits I want reupholstered out of the car (door panels and such), and I'm going to take them to Joe's Upholstery for a quote, as he specializes in oddball and old cars. This is a "No Hurry" job, as long as it's done for next Spring. I've heard he has good turn-around time, and reasonable pricing, so we'll see what he can come up with. Last I heard, right before we moved here, was all of the materials are available, as they were widely used in the zillion different models that Toyota made.

Hope y'all have a great upcoming week, and stay safe and observant.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

More Business....As In "Busy-Ness"....

 Put a new wheel, tube, and tire on the wheel barrow we picked up off the street some years ago. The old tire and tube were done beyond "Extra Crispy", but would actually hold air. Until you need it, that is, so new rubber. And I drilled three, 3/8" holes in the plastic tub. Keeps it from filling up with really gross looking Stuff, and if I ever have to mix some concrete in it, a little duct tape covers the holes.

Then I carted three loads of yard trash out of the backyard (new gates work a treat!) and loaded it into the pickup bed.

Yesterday I went and swapped out the steering wheel in the Supra. The OEM wheel had the very topmost (colored ) layer of leather wear through, and while it felt OK, it made the inside of the car look ratty.

Then I cleaned and reorganized a shelf unit next to the workbench. I really like these "Pie Rack" wire shelving units, but Little Stuff always seems to fall through the wire to the ground.

So clean off the shelves...

 And lay down some of the cardboard I'm always hauling to the recycling center.

Later, rinse, repeat until all your shelf units are cleaned up, and made "Fall Through Proof".

Gee....I only have about fifteen shelves left to do! 

Enjoy the upcoming weekend, and make use of the time and weather wisely. I have a feeling in my bones that this might be a hard, cord, hungry Winter for a lot of people.

Pray for them....

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Gang Aft A-Gley.....

 As the old saying goes....

Spent most of a glorious Sunday afternoon with my son, working on his truck. He was supposed to come by yesterday, but considering the weather, he decided to take a "Can You Help Us..." assignment at work. So he spent the day out in the less-than-optimum weather getting paid, and I tinkered around the garage and basement.

He came over today, and we swapped out his OEM alternator with 96k on it, replaced the serpentine belt and tensioner, checked/greased his battery connections, replaced his wiper blades, and in general did a "Get It Ready For Winter..." service. He'd just changed the oil and differential fluid, but was hesitant to take on this particular work without some competent guidance, so over he came.

And we had a great time. Took our time, and he did 90% of the work. I showed him some tips on getting the belt tensioner backed off so you can slip the belt off the alternator pulley, how to correctly disengage the wiring harness connectors, and advised him on what size sockets, drives, and extensions to use to get at the bolts easier. Also what NOT to take off, which is sometimes just as important. He also asked a lot of questions along the way, and we repeatedly chanted the "One Broken Bolt" mantra to ward off Murphy.


It must have worked, as all the parts fit (Thank You Rock Auto!), no bolts or hardware were harmed during the operation, and the only dropped hardware was easily reachable, in plain view, and promptly plucked up off the valve cover.

There will be plenty of nice Fall days ahead to do some Supra driving, but spending an enjoyable Colorado day with your son, working on his truck, is a "Hallmark Moment", and not to be missed.

Friday, September 9, 2022

Fire Just About Out

 We had some rain last night, and the winds calmed down, so the fire crews were able to contain it to about 40%, and it shows no growth.

Well done to all!

Y'all be safe out there, and enjoy the weekend. It's drizzling here, and going to be raining tonight and tomorrow when my son and I are swapping out the alternator, serpentine belt, and tensioner on his truck. Probably be a good night to get the fireplace going after we finish!

And if Sunday's going to be as nice as forecast, I have a very willing dance partner in the garage who wants to get out and kick up her heels. Gives me a good excuse to test my new steering wheel.....

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Wildfire North of Here....Updated 2150 MDST

 And "Tanker 10" has already made two drops.

And there's a helo managing things.

For the locals, this is up North of "Ted's Place", which really isn't a "place" anymore...

Nothing is showing on any of the local firewatch sites, so it must be "Breaking News".

The fire is East of Highway 287, and roughly in the center of this mapped area"


On second thought, it looks like the helo might be dropping water, too.

Yup, he's a water dropping chopper. They're using it to wet down structures in danger. Hope this doesn't get much bigger, but considering the requests for further assistance I'm hearing, it sounds like it's growing. It's pretty rugged terrain along that ridgeline, and not much access. They've already issued a "Voluntary Evacuation" notice, and are informing residents via Reverse 911.

OK, this was the observation chopper, and it looks like he's headed home.

The radio chatter's died down a lot, and some units are pulling out, so I'll take a SWAG and say they have things well under control.

If you do the Fakebook thing, you can find more here:

The Mandatory Evacuation area is here:

That's a pretty big chunk of land. The Kids work at the yogurt factory next to the Morning Fresh Dairy Farm.

Latest on the fire. It's 600 acres, and zero containment.

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Perfect Song For Today

 It's over 100* here today (and yesterday, and tomorrow) with an absolutely massive Relative Humidity of....(drum roll, please)...Twelve per cent!

Just have to put that in for Sig!'s one of my favorite songs, and I like her version. A good example of how you "Belt Out A Song"..

Keep cool and stay hydrated!

Friday, September 2, 2022

Funny Beach Boys Parody Video

 Sent to me by my sister, of all people!

Hope y'all have a safe weekend. I'll be enjoying my "Old Jap Car" out on the road. It's been so long since I've driven it, I need to get reacquainted with it....

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

It's Alive!

 Backed her out of the garage, washed her, and went for a 45 minute ride around the area. Runs good for 2 year old gas (with Sta-Bil in it), and while it still has a "hot oil" smell, it's not dripping oil everywhere.

I'd forgotten how nice it is to drive, even though I didn't push it hard. The alternator needs replacing (new one is on the bench) as it holds 13.9 Volts, barely enough to charge the battery and power the car. The new one is from a later year Camry, which drops right in, and raises the output from the OEM 35 Amps to 80 Amps.

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Minor Setback From An Oil Leak

 Thankfully I pulled the dipstick the other day before I ran the start-up procedure.

It was bone dry!

The second-to-the-last time the oil was changed was in Long Beach, and besides putting in 5W-30 instead of 10W-30, they used a gasket on the drain plug that was too big, and didn't seal properly.  When my son and I changed the oil last fall, I reused the gasket, as it looked "OK" to me. Over the last 10 months, it's been dripping slowly, and lost ALL the new oil we put in. Just happy I had cardboard and carpet scraps under the car, but I'm going to have to pressure wash "my" side of the garage. Since I use the pressure washer to wash the car, I'll give it a try when I have the car out in the next day or so.

Trip to the auto parts store got me a selection of new gaskets, AND a magnetic oil drain plug, which I was going to use. With the magnet on the new plug, it goes into the oil pan far enough to hit the oil pickup, meaning I can't tighten it, meaning I can't use it.

Oh, well.....One of the gaskets in the kit fit the OEM plug, so that went back in, with the new gasket.

It's been holding a pan full of oil for about four hours now, and not a sign of a drip. I'll run the car tomorrow, and check again after I shut it down to see if it dripped any after warm up.

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Ms. Swan's Nose Job

 Is just about finished. Still have some cleaning to do, and the front license plate has to get bolted on, but otherwise, she's about ready to go around the block a few times. That will happen later this week, after I get the jacks out, drop her on the ground, roll her out and give her a good bath.

More to come this week.....

Friday, August 26, 2022

The Unveiling.....

 Posted these last night at the bottom of the previous post, but I think everybody missed it.

Have a safe weekend. SLW and I are are off to my belated Birthday Dinner. No, not at Sonny Lubick's Steakhouse. Were going to Austin's American Grill tonight.

The bison meatloaf is to die for....and there's enough for lunch tomorrow.....

Thursday, August 25, 2022

I'll Call This Segment "Back In Black"!

 Did some minor sanding today, then read the instructions on the can, and sprayed the special flexible "Bumper and Trim Paint" on. 

Only has four medium-light coats of paint, so after it sits another hour I'll spray it again.'d the heck did I miss this?

A couple of pinholes on the left, and a divot in the center.

I'm not terribly concerned about the blemishes I missed that show through the paint because they're in areas that can be spotted in later without tearing the lights and grill out. I'll address those in the future. I don't know how well this paint holds up, but I don't think it matters much because of the environment the car is sitting in most of the time.

Tomorrow is clean up the garage and take the tape and paper off to see if I messed up anything else, like not masking it properly.

OK, time's up! Pulled the tape and paper, and found a couple of small areas where some paint got through. Easy-Peasy cleanup with some solvent on a Q-Tip, but the rest of it was masked off OK.

Starting to look like a car again!

I still have to scrub the front valence under the bumper, and I'll do that while it's still on stands and 10" higher in the air. Just can't crawl around on the concrete as well as I could when I was younger.

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

"Pretty In Primer", c'est Fini!

 GROOOAN...............Six-and-a-half hours of block-sanding later, it's ready for the topcoat.

I'd been worried about some of the sanding scratches that were showing through the primer/surfacer/filler, but after I remembered I have like four coats of the primer on it, I went ahead and blocked it out with 240 grit. There's was plenty of primer to sand on, and they just about went away.

Blocking it again with 320 grit made them disappear.

I was temped to tack it off and spray the edges tonight, but.......I'm going to hold off until tomorrow. I'll inspect it again with fresh eyes, and if I decide it's ready.....SHOWTIME!

In celebration of this joyous event, I brought out the grill, fog lamps, and turn signals that I restored oh....two years ago?

Having my hip get crazy, along with the scamdemic being set loose upon us, AND having issues with my medications (lose 60lbs, and you'd better adjust the dose!), kinda knocked the stuffings out of me for about a year. Oh, well....I'm still on this side of the turf, so Press On Regardless!

I even dug out my front license plate and bracket, which had to come off so I could mask the area.

The rest of tonight will be spent down in the Electronics Workshop coming up with arcane things to do.....

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

"Pretty In Primer", Part Deux

 Scuff sanded it (again!) with 320 grit, tacked it off, and shot another coat of SEM "Flexible Part Primer Surfacer" this afternoon. I'm going to let it sit for 48 hours so the primer bonds and shrinks, then scuff it again, and paint it black. The car needs a proper paint job (about $15k at current rates) that I'm not going to do, so having a "Pebble Beach Class" front bumper just ain't gonna happen!

Since I have to get it smogged again in April, when my 5-year "Classic Car" tags expire, I figured I'd better get off my duff and GET TO WORK...!

I wanted this done well over a year ago, but then the scamdemic was released, and I had some serious issues with one of my heart meds, AND had the hip problem.

I wanna have my SLW plop down in the shotgun seat, and go to Freddy's for a burger, something I'd promised her when the car first arrived.

And then there's my favorite Rist Canyon Road/Stove Prairie Road/Poudre Canyon Road loop I like to drive. I'll have my son the ace photog take some pix and submit them to nest years "MKII Supra Calendar" that a friend publishes.

Monday, August 22, 2022

Busy Lately, So Here's Some Music....

 Bonus points if you guess from the name of the song what's got a fire going under me....

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Pioneer CT-F950 Rebuild - Those Pesky Pinch Rollers

 Got tied up yesterday with The Little Guy, as he unexpectedly stayed over Friday night, so this is a day late.

In fact, it's now TWO days late as I got sidetracked (what's new?) by some things on Saturday. If this was for a paying customer, it would have been out of here two weeks ago, but I've never worked on a cassette deck before. Which is why it's NOT for a paying customer. These things are a marvel of compact packaging of a complex mechanical assembly, all done to a "High End Prosumer" price level. It's one thing to make an extremely high-quality, rugged, reliable Reel-to-Reel tape recorder, and another thing entirely to do it for a Compact Cassette recorder. I can do all the basic service and repair on a good quality R2R deck as easily as the radio stuff I work on. Think Big-Block Chevy. Getting into one a cassette deck is more like getting in to a DOHC, Direct-Injected, Turbocharged, all aluminum, Indy Car engine. Whole different level of stuff needed. Smaller hardware and smaller components, all metric sized hardware, and different ways to measure things. Doable, but took some time to learn.

ANYWAY.....back to those Pinch Rollers. Yep, I screwed the pooch, f*cked the duck, and shot myself in the foot on this one. Well, gee, Jim........How'd That Happen? I got lazy, and didn't scrupulously clean all the old rubber from the bronze bearings they were vulcanized to.

See all the black stuff on the bearing? Yup....shoulda cleaned it ALL off before I pressed the new rubber sleeves on. I didn't, and I knew better because "They Didn't Look That Bad...".

Well, they were, but I used them anyway. Remember about all these parts being scaled down for a R2R machine? That means the defects on the little rollers "scaled up", and the molehills became mountains, and the audio quality suffered tremendously because of it. These rollers don't keep pressure on the tape; they drive the tape in conjunction with the two capstan shafts. And speed variance, or lumps and bumps in it's operation, directly affects how smoothly the tape goes past the heads. Wow and Flutter, those two dizty twins, made an appearance and wrecked the place. Evan Van Halen sounded horrible!

I tried several solvents to get the rubber loose, but no joy. All they did was clean it. I tried soaking them for 48hrs in a small container with SLW's "Skin-Safe! Non-Toxic!!" "paint stripper", and nada. They're soaking right now in some Aircraft-Grade Coating Remover that I use once in a while.


In the meantime....I bit the bullet and ordered a set from Athan, a company that specializes in any-and-all rollers, idlers, and tires for high-end equipment.

They're not only made of a better, longer-lasting Urethane compound, but they ditched the bronze Oilite bearing for a ball-bearing.

The rubber sleeves were about $25 for a pair. The Athan rollers are $50.....each. Plus tax and shipping.

Oh, well, these should last "forever"....

And here they are, living in their Forever Home...


With the front panel on:

 And just about ready to begin the Electrical tests as per the Service Manual.

Y'all be safe out there in the coming week!


Thursday, August 11, 2022

Pioneer CT-F950 Reel Motor Rebuild

 As I mentioned yesterday, the first electrical issue I ran across in rebuilding this deck is that it kept dropping out of Play. A bit of sleuthing around revealed that the Reel Motor was the most likely culprit, so in I went.

These pictures aren't mine. I borrowed them from the HiFi Haven website, where member Pustelniakr was kind enough to document the entire procedure.

It's a small DC motor, with a couple of centrifugal switches on it to control the speed. In "Play", it runs at a reduced voltage, regulated speed, and in "Fast Forward" and "Rewind" it gets full voltage and really spins.

And it's a "can motor" inside another can!

The coiled strip of metal on the right is a strip of Mu-Metal for magnetic shielding. Even though the permanent magnet inside the motor can on the right is pretty well shielded, Pioneer used to the "belt and suspenders" approach to really keep the magnetic flux bottled up inside the cans so it couldn't degauss the tape as it was in the deck.

The two round grey things are silicone rubber shock mounts that suspend the motor can inside the shield can. It mechanically isolates the motor from the chassis, so vibrations from one don't upset the other.

The armature assembly out of the case after prying open some crimps:

The small toroid inductor is in series with the DC Voltgae coming in. There's a capacitor to ground on the other brush, and they form a filter to keep the electrical noise from the brushes on the commutator from getting into the other electronics.


My brush plate wasn't this dirty, but I cleaned it very well anyway. The brushes themselves appear to be a carbon/copper composition, they're brazed to the little arms that hold them, and showed practically ZERO wear when examined under  20X magnification.

This is the entire armature for the motor. The centrifugal switches are on the left, and the commutator on the right:

 Yep, the commutator is filthy, grooved, and not as "flat" as it should be. This is the same as on a starter motor for a car. That operation is called "cutting the comm", "turning the comm", or other phases I forget. For a starter motor you chuck the armature into an "Armature Lathe", and use a cutter to refinish the surface.



This is a whole bunch more delicate, so I chucked the motor shaft into my cordless Dremel tool, ran it at the lowest speed possible, and used a strip of 2000 grit sanding film to clean it up.

Again, these aren't my pictures, but this is essentially what I did:

After, but mine has a more uniform nice, bright copper look on all the surfaces:

These are the contacts for the two centrifugal switches. Just clean them gently with a strip of paper, and DO NOT adjust them, or you'll turn the motor into a paperweight:

SO....after spending a week diagnosing this, then taking the transport apart again to pull the motor, rebuilding the motor and reinstalling it, and finally putting the entire transport back together The Verdict Is.....Problem Resolved!

It now stays in play, the voltages across the motor are by-the-book, and Fast Forward/Rewind blast along MUCH faster than they did before.

Tomorrow's installment will be "Those Pesky Pinch Rollers, and What to Do About Them".

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Still Tinkering on the Pioneer CT-F950 Cassette Deck

 Kinda shot myself in the foot on one section of this.

These are the "Pinch Rollers" that hold the tape to the Capstan, and pull the tape through the machine. This is the OEM unit, and you can see the wear on it. Yes, they're tiny.

The replacements I bought were just rubber sleeves to fit over the bronze "Oilite" bearing. They came with ZERO instructions, and required you to press off, or otherwise remove, the OEM rubber from the bearing. OEM assembly on your left, removed from the arm it normally resides in, and the new sleeve on the right.

I pressed the bearing out using two properly sized sockets and a small machinist's vise:

BUT.....(always a "but", eh?) I neglected to scrupulously clean the bronze bearing of all traces of the original rubber. The stuff would NOT come off easily, and it may have been vulcanized on to the bearing. I cleaned off as much as I could, pressed the new sleeves back on, and put it all back together.

 I moved it from the "Mechanical Bench" over to the "Final Test and Adjustment Bench".

It randomly dropped out of play, so the testing stopped until I could address that. It would Fast Forward and Rewind properly at a high speed, but sometimes it would play for 2 minutes, sometimes for 10 minutes, but it always dropped out. It was dropping out because the Reel Motor, that motivates the Supply and Take-Up reels inside the cassette  was stopping. When that happens, the tape counter no longer functions, the controller sees "No Tape Motion", and drops everything offline. When it stopped you could always see some slack tape over on the take-up side, which is what clued me into the Reel Motor being flaky.

Using a search of the forums I found several threads on this, and followed their troubleshooting guide. Measured the voltages recommended while trying to play the unit, and those measurements confirmed the Reel Motor needed some serious servicing. Turns out it's quite common in these 40 year old Pioneers. New motors are NLA from anybody, and the ones from a parts unit would be highly suspect. They can be refurbished, however, so I read and re-read the instructions, and printed them out so I could go into the little electric motor and do the work. It's about 75% bigger than the "Mabuchi 540" motors we used in out slot cars, so it didn't bother me to do the work.

I'll go into the "Reel Motor Rebuild" tomorrow, and then back to those pinch rollers.

I'm about 99% finished with the mechanical stuff at this point tonight, and when I button it back up (again....) I can continue on the electronic adjustments, and whoo-boy....there's a whole slug of them to check/adjust.

Friday, August 5, 2022

Welcome To The Weekend!

 And we're off to the Larimer County Fair!

Photo crew will be SLW and my son. TLG has been talking about it all week....

Have fun and be safe out there!

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

RATS! Bought Wrong Chains for My Chainsaw....


 Oh, I understand the difference between .043" pitch, and ,050" pitch. The new chains wouldn't slide easily in the bar, and it drove nuts until I did some googlin', and looked at Gen-You-Ine Makita chains vs the Brand-X chains I bought at Cheapo Depot. The Brand-X chains were poorly marked, and had no "Also Fits" guide on the package. Rookie mistake, I guess.

Proper chains on the way, and I can finally finish cutting up all the logs in the backyard. I'll go rent a splitter later in the year so I can turn them into easily digestible sizes for the fireplace.

The OEM chain got severely dull from cutting out some of the dead juniper bushes earlier this year. Cutting that stuff is like trying to cut steel.....tougher than snot, and rapidly dulls the blade.

Friday, July 29, 2022

Lots of Scanner Radio Traffic Today

 Some kind of accident down by Greeley on US34 requiring two Lifeline flights, numerous cars with expired plates, two of them involved in the same accident, and several SAR teams out looking for lost people.

The award goes to a young woman pulled over for a traffic violation, and she had EIGHT Failure-To-Appear warrants out on her, all with $500~$1000 bonds, over the past year. Most were in different jurisdictions, and all said she was to be extradited.

Wonder who gets first pick?

She was in custody (again), her car was impounded and towed, and a special call was made for an officer to "recover" her license plates which were, you guessed it, expired.

If times are tight, and they are, I can see people letting their vehicle registration slide to pay the rent and feed the kids. Too bad it's going to cost them an additional expense to get things cleared up. Most of the cars were older "small sedan"types, and none of them were on expensive vehicles.

And work proceeds apace on the Pioneer cassette deck. The entire tape transport mechanism has been disassembled, cleaned, lubed, adjusted, and all worn parts replaced. Took considerably longer than I expected, but this is the first one I've taken "down to the frame" to rebuild, and it was a very good learning experience. I had to get a set of spring scales to make some of the adjustments, but fortunately I had all the teeny-tiny metric sockets, wrenches, and hex driver bits from the R/C car stuff. I'll need the spring scales when I go through my TEAC reel-to-reel deck, so they were "needed".

 I'm doing some cosmetic/cleaning work on it now, and I'll get it reassembled and move on the electronic side of things this weekend.

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Three Inches of Rain....

 Not here, we only received 1.7", but there's been well over three inches of rain in parts of Larimer County, and some surrounding areas received 6".

And it all came in a couple of hours.

And there's more to come this afternoon and evening.....

Monday, July 25, 2022

Still Here, Still Busy.....

 Been keeping quite occupied doing Grandpa stuff, yard work, and stereo repair. I'm just about finished with the transport mechanism in the Pioneer cassette deck I bought a while back, and it's been tedious, exacting work. It's the first "real" cassette deck I've ever worked on at this level, and it's been a good learning experience for future use. Should have some pix tomorrow.

And I've got everything staged for the Great Antenna Installation that'll be coming up in the coming week.

Little Miss Pebbles The Wonder Dog had surgery last Monday to remove a nasty looking growth on her side. Yes, it's The Big C, but the prognosis is excellent for a dog her age, and the Vet said these growths rarely come back at her age, and she should be OK.


TLG has been cruising his electric Batmobile around, and Sunday morning's expedition saw him wearing his full Batman costume while SLW escorted him around.

Y'all take care, and I'll have some posts this week....

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Empty Nest....Again....

 SLW and I have been helping my son get moved into his new place the last few days. He rented a small U-Haul trailer to get his stuff out of the storage unit, and into his new place, and also for the larger stuff he had here. Today we moved the rest of the smaller items, and SLW measured everything for window coverings. She already has plans to "help" him make it more homey.

It's a small place, one large bedroom, a nice sitting area, a smaller room, and a large kitchen. All the cabinets and sink in the kitchen are new, as are the fridge, dishwasher, furnace, and water heater. The washer/dryer are commercial units by Amana. It's a "basement" apartment, but only about half is below grade. The upstairs people say the apartment he's in is cool in the summer, and doesn't need much heat in the winter. They're moving into a bigger place, so they gave him a kitchen table and chairs, and said they had some other things, like shelves, that they weren't taking, so he's welcome to those, too.

It's in a decent neighborhood. The houses are all kept up nice, the lawns mowed, and no trashcans to be seen. He'll be less than two miles to where he works, compared to 30something from here. He'll save a ton on gas, and no longer has a $150/month payment to the storage place.

We're hoping he'll do fine there, as it's his first place all on his own, and he has a safety net (us) within a reasonable distance.

The dog already misses him (as do we), and TLG will definitely miss him.

Special thanks to Well Seasoned Fool, who has been a great help in advising him on where, and where not to, live in the area.

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Gates Are Finished, And More "Small Steps"

 The gates have been completed, and we've already used the new gate on the North side several times.

Makes it MUCH easier to access the backyard when you're in the front.


The small shed will go back here late Fall, early Spring.

I'll get one big enough to hold the garden tools and some other items, but small enough to allow easy access to the gate.

The next project will be to get this basement egress window well squared away.

It's been like this since we bought the house almost five years ago, and we're thankful it hasn't gotten any worse.

The aluminum tower is my antenna mount for my satellite antennas. Still not sure what I'll do with it.

And over on the South side of the house, we have the replacement gates.

From the back:

And from the front: 

These should be strong enough to withstand the storms we get here, but I'm still going to use a ratchet strap in the Winter.

Both Little Guys were over for their visit today, and the littlest one is right on the edge of full-fledged walking. He can take three or four steps before he goes down on his rear end, but if he can have one hand on something, it's off to the races!

Just about finished rebuilding the transport mechanism for the Pioneer cassette deck I've been working on. It was dirtier than first examination revealed, so *everything* had to be taken apart, cleaned of old grease and grunge, and put back together. 

And it almost takes a Watchmaker's skill to do so! Many small plastic washers *of various thicknesses* that have to go back where they came from to keep the clearances In Spec, tiny springs and screws, and .....GASP! Numerous "E-Clips" to hold things together.

These things:

One trick I've learned over the years is to have a small, powerful magnet in your hand when you pop them off the shaft. They have a tendency to go sailing across the room, and they're a PITA to find teen-tiny ones in the carpet! The magnet keeps them from getting away, and is a good 'storage space' for them.

My son signed the lease on an apartment today, so he'll be moving out. Living here, he's 30some miles away from where he works. His new place is TWO MILES from his shop. He'll be driving far less, and burning much less fuel. He also won't need to continue renting his storage space, so that's another savings.

I'll sure miss having him around, though.

Y'all have a great weekend, and Be Safe Out There....

Fabulous Fall Day

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