Saturday, October 15, 2022

Random Ponderings.....

 Hope you're all having a good weekend. I was flat on my back all day Friday with some stomach bug, so I missed posting anything. I think I brought it on myself by wiping out my coffee mug with a not-so-clean scrubby pad! The mug went in the dishwasher tghis AM, and the scrubby pad went in the trash. Note to Jim: Do NOT do that again! Ever!

ANYWAY.....Fall is upon us!

The maple tree has been turning the last few weeks...

And the birches, ash and aspens really kicked off this week. Yellow is everywhere here! 

The Front Garden is slooowly shutting down for the season, and we're bringing in all TLG's "Fairy Garden" stuff.

I did manage to get some shopping finished Thursday night. SLW has been hacking and coughing all week, so she didn't go to her Sheriff's "Citizen Academy" meeting. And since it was her turn to take the break snacks for class, I ran them up to the Sheriff's Office, and got to meet some of the Deputies. Then it was off to spend a few $$.

Picked up a new wheel/tire for the wheelbarrow we rescued from somebody's trash three years ago. It was cheaper to get a complete assembly, rather than just a tube and tire!

She asked me why I wanted to replace the old, crusty, dry-rotted tire, and I told her new wheelbarrows like this cost $110, and the replacement parts cost $15. Plus, I'll tighten everything up, and paint the handles so they stop deteriorating.

Like Dad always said..."Use It Up, Wear It Out, Make It Do, Or Do Without".  I guess "Repair" comes under "Make It Do"...

And to (finally) get those pesky ground rods in, and drill the concrete here for Other Projects, I bought a hammer-drill, and a bunch of bits.

I have a couple of other Hercules-brand power tools from Harbor Freight, and so far they've been worth every penny. FAR superior to their "Bauer" and "Chinesium Electric" brands. Plenty of torque, very good battery life, and that "good feel" achieved by proper balance of the tool, along with good quality plastic. BTW....I still have my Dad's Craftsman 1/2" corded drill in the brown "hammer tone" box. It's gotta be sixty years old, and has required exactly ONE change of brushes. I also renewed the lube in it years ago when I swapped the brushes, "just because".

And SLW felt well enough today to do some errands, so she brought home some Chick-Fil-A chicken noodle soup. It's verrry good, as LL clued me on.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I have a wheelbarrow to get in the garage.....


  1. I think the colors this year will be hit and miss. Driving in Fort Collins yesterday I saw more color than most places. As an aside, Ft Collins at 5 pm is not fun!

  2. My route was from the North (Douglas) via LeMay to Horsetooth (side excursion a couple of blocks) then Ziegler. South to Harmony then East to I-25. Surprisinly I-25 was good going South to Hwy 34 and my exit. Noted past Hwy 34 it was stop and go. Lots of right lane closures and the usual impatient drivers.

    1. I think you took about the fastest way possible, something I figured out about a year after we moved here!

  3. Nice fall colors on the trees! Our only trees locally that change colors happen to be down toward the main part of town and they turn a nice shade of red before defoliating. Our lot only has paloverde which has no leaves to turn colors, and mesquite, which has leaves that fall off but quickly get blown away or eaten by the rabbits and other critters.

    Ok on winterizing -- we have a month or six weeks before we need to do any of that.

    1. It's very pretty here in the Fall. I'd forgotten how much I missed the change of seasons until we moved here. SLW wants a leaf blower/mulcher combo, and I see Horror Freight has one for $50. Geez, even if it only lasts ONE season, it's still cheaper than hiring it out!

  4. Glad she's feeling better! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks, NFO! She's still coughing a bit, but MUCH better than just a few days ago.


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