Sunday, September 25, 2022

Fabulous Fall Day

 Some of the trees are showing signs of turning, but they're not in their Fall colors yet. 

This is from two years ago. We have Bumper Crops of pine cones in the pine trees, maple seeds in the maple tree, and crab apples from the crab apple tree. Should be a good feed for the squirrels this year!


But it was in the 70's, sunny, with gentle breezes blowing, so let's hit the road!

Took the car up by Laporte to scout for Bingham Hill Road, which I found, but couldn't make the turn due to inattention at the time, so it's on the list for the next cruise. The old car is running MUCH better with fresh gas in it, and any roughness under load, and the slight misfire at idle it had, have disappeared. I cleaned all the outside glass with acetone to see if it would help get rid of the road film/overspray/general crud any better than glass cleaner, and it helped tremendously. It didn't get rid of the "Plethora of Pits" in the glass from getting smacked by grit these last 37 years, but it's much, much better than when I first took it out after hibernation. SO....a new windshield is definitely in the cards, and I went through my stash of parts, and found I have four sets of all the required clips and fasteners, and two "cams" used to keep the adhesive away from the interior. Most windshield places I've heard about don't use the dams, and it can result in the urethane windshield adhesive seeping inside of the car. I've got all of the bits I want reupholstered out of the car (door panels and such), and I'm going to take them to Joe's Upholstery for a quote, as he specializes in oddball and old cars. This is a "No Hurry" job, as long as it's done for next Spring. I've heard he has good turn-around time, and reasonable pricing, so we'll see what he can come up with. Last I heard, right before we moved here, was all of the materials are available, as they were widely used in the zillion different models that Toyota made.

Hope y'all have a great upcoming week, and stay safe and observant.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

More Business....As In "Busy-Ness"....

 Put a new wheel, tube, and tire on the wheel barrow we picked up off the street some years ago. The old tire and tube were done beyond "Extra Crispy", but would actually hold air. Until you need it, that is, so new rubber. And I drilled three, 3/8" holes in the plastic tub. Keeps it from filling up with really gross looking Stuff, and if I ever have to mix some concrete in it, a little duct tape covers the holes.

Then I carted three loads of yard trash out of the backyard (new gates work a treat!) and loaded it into the pickup bed.

Yesterday I went and swapped out the steering wheel in the Supra. The OEM wheel had the very topmost (colored ) layer of leather wear through, and while it felt OK, it made the inside of the car look ratty.

Then I cleaned and reorganized a shelf unit next to the workbench. I really like these "Pie Rack" wire shelving units, but Little Stuff always seems to fall through the wire to the ground.

So clean off the shelves...

 And lay down some of the cardboard I'm always hauling to the recycling center.

Later, rinse, repeat until all your shelf units are cleaned up, and made "Fall Through Proof".

Gee....I only have about fifteen shelves left to do! 

Enjoy the upcoming weekend, and make use of the time and weather wisely. I have a feeling in my bones that this might be a hard, cord, hungry Winter for a lot of people.

Pray for them....

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Gang Aft A-Gley.....

 As the old saying goes....

Spent most of a glorious Sunday afternoon with my son, working on his truck. He was supposed to come by yesterday, but considering the weather, he decided to take a "Can You Help Us..." assignment at work. So he spent the day out in the less-than-optimum weather getting paid, and I tinkered around the garage and basement.

He came over today, and we swapped out his OEM alternator with 96k on it, replaced the serpentine belt and tensioner, checked/greased his battery connections, replaced his wiper blades, and in general did a "Get It Ready For Winter..." service. He'd just changed the oil and differential fluid, but was hesitant to take on this particular work without some competent guidance, so over he came.

And we had a great time. Took our time, and he did 90% of the work. I showed him some tips on getting the belt tensioner backed off so you can slip the belt off the alternator pulley, how to correctly disengage the wiring harness connectors, and advised him on what size sockets, drives, and extensions to use to get at the bolts easier. Also what NOT to take off, which is sometimes just as important. He also asked a lot of questions along the way, and we repeatedly chanted the "One Broken Bolt" mantra to ward off Murphy.


It must have worked, as all the parts fit (Thank You Rock Auto!), no bolts or hardware were harmed during the operation, and the only dropped hardware was easily reachable, in plain view, and promptly plucked up off the valve cover.

There will be plenty of nice Fall days ahead to do some Supra driving, but spending an enjoyable Colorado day with your son, working on his truck, is a "Hallmark Moment", and not to be missed.

Friday, September 9, 2022

Fire Just About Out

 We had some rain last night, and the winds calmed down, so the fire crews were able to contain it to about 40%, and it shows no growth.

Well done to all!

Y'all be safe out there, and enjoy the weekend. It's drizzling here, and going to be raining tonight and tomorrow when my son and I are swapping out the alternator, serpentine belt, and tensioner on his truck. Probably be a good night to get the fireplace going after we finish!

And if Sunday's going to be as nice as forecast, I have a very willing dance partner in the garage who wants to get out and kick up her heels. Gives me a good excuse to test my new steering wheel.....

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Wildfire North of Here....Updated 2150 MDST

 And "Tanker 10" has already made two drops.

And there's a helo managing things.

For the locals, this is up North of "Ted's Place", which really isn't a "place" anymore...

Nothing is showing on any of the local firewatch sites, so it must be "Breaking News".

The fire is East of Highway 287, and roughly in the center of this mapped area"


On second thought, it looks like the helo might be dropping water, too.

Yup, he's a water dropping chopper. They're using it to wet down structures in danger. Hope this doesn't get much bigger, but considering the requests for further assistance I'm hearing, it sounds like it's growing. It's pretty rugged terrain along that ridgeline, and not much access. They've already issued a "Voluntary Evacuation" notice, and are informing residents via Reverse 911.

OK, this was the observation chopper, and it looks like he's headed home.

The radio chatter's died down a lot, and some units are pulling out, so I'll take a SWAG and say they have things well under control.

If you do the Fakebook thing, you can find more here:

The Mandatory Evacuation area is here:

That's a pretty big chunk of land. The Kids work at the yogurt factory next to the Morning Fresh Dairy Farm.

Latest on the fire. It's 600 acres, and zero containment.

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Perfect Song For Today

 It's over 100* here today (and yesterday, and tomorrow) with an absolutely massive Relative Humidity of....(drum roll, please)...Twelve per cent!

Just have to put that in for Sig!'s one of my favorite songs, and I like her version. A good example of how you "Belt Out A Song"..

Keep cool and stay hydrated!

Friday, September 2, 2022

Funny Beach Boys Parody Video

 Sent to me by my sister, of all people!

Hope y'all have a safe weekend. I'll be enjoying my "Old Jap Car" out on the road. It's been so long since I've driven it, I need to get reacquainted with it....

Egad....'Tis a Trifle HOT This Week

 Or for what's remaining of the week. It was 97* today, and is expected to be 100+ through Sunday. The humidity is only 17%, so you step...