Thursday, September 15, 2022

More Business....As In "Busy-Ness"....

 Put a new wheel, tube, and tire on the wheel barrow we picked up off the street some years ago. The old tire and tube were done beyond "Extra Crispy", but would actually hold air. Until you need it, that is, so new rubber. And I drilled three, 3/8" holes in the plastic tub. Keeps it from filling up with really gross looking Stuff, and if I ever have to mix some concrete in it, a little duct tape covers the holes.

Then I carted three loads of yard trash out of the backyard (new gates work a treat!) and loaded it into the pickup bed.

Yesterday I went and swapped out the steering wheel in the Supra. The OEM wheel had the very topmost (colored ) layer of leather wear through, and while it felt OK, it made the inside of the car look ratty.

Then I cleaned and reorganized a shelf unit next to the workbench. I really like these "Pie Rack" wire shelving units, but Little Stuff always seems to fall through the wire to the ground.

So clean off the shelves...

 And lay down some of the cardboard I'm always hauling to the recycling center.

Later, rinse, repeat until all your shelf units are cleaned up, and made "Fall Through Proof".

Gee....I only have about fifteen shelves left to do! 

Enjoy the upcoming weekend, and make use of the time and weather wisely. I have a feeling in my bones that this might be a hard, cord, hungry Winter for a lot of people.

Pray for them....


  1. But-but-but "global climate change?" Shouldn't we all be toast this winter?

  2. We've also had success with the same type of shelving, but we also found out that the general rule of belongings expanding to overfill available space is true.

    My wife has vetoed my plan to dig deep down below the basement, install a large freight elevator, and the elevator would lead to a warehouse about the size of the one seen at the end of the first Indiana Jones movie.

    1. My Dad built a little room off to the side of the basement in their first house. Was about 6'x6', with the roots from the yard above hanging down. Really spooky for a 5-year old!

  3. Looking at those picture reminds me my storage shed is long overdue for reorganization.

    1. Buying the storage racks is the hard part. The cardboard is free!

  4. Rev. Paul. I have it all figured out in my mind! She also vetoed my less ambitious project to tunnel through the basement wall, just like drjim's Dad did, and build an underground shooting range.
    As the underground shooting range would have had to pass under the inground pool, I have to agree with her on this one.

  5. By the time you finish, it'll be time to clean again...LOL

    1. Yes, but parts are going back on the car, freeing up shelf space!


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