Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Tap...Tap...Tap...This Thing Still Work?

 Yo...been incognito for a while. Sweet Little Wife had the flu, and COVID, and then it was my turn. Which occurred at the same time I was having the post-op results (passing blood, clots, discomfort) of the TURP procedure. I mean like LOTS of passing of Red Stuff and Chunks of Red Stuff. Not real pleasant, and I went through a whole package of Depends. But, all things must pass (couldn't resist it) and this did, too.

And I'm still having some "echoes" of the August-spend-your-birthday-in-the-hospital incident. Have an appointment tomorrow afternoon about that, so I'm hopeful.

So.....I (finally) finished the Nakamicih BX-300 cassette deck, and shipped it out to a very patient member of the Audiokarma forum. Thanks, Bob!

And Ye Gawds....does it sound GOOD!

I haven't heard Buffalo Springfield sound so good in 50 years!

Of the two decks I bought, this one was the "beat-up" one. It was filthy inside and out, and the belts had turned to goo, but the heads scoped out perfect, so I went ahead gave it the Full Monty. Even beat-up, it had several bits in better condition than the #2 unit, so it donated those. While this one has all the warts and blemishes of both units, it works spectacularly well, and the buyer gets a 100% functional, but not pretty, deck for half the going price. And I made a few $$ on it, too. I'll never get rich doing this, but it helps defray the cost of my stereo habit!

Well that's it, comrades. Still here, still ornery, and still above ground. Been a bumpy ride this year, and we're hoping the coming year won't be like the last.

I got too much stuff to do!

Saturday, November 11, 2023

Meanwhile, Back On The Workbench....

 Where I've been finishing up a Nakamichi BX-300 cassette deck. I bought two of these on eBay, and pulled the best cosmetic parts off both to make one nice unit.

This one has all the warts and bruises from both units, but works perfectly. I put in new belts and idlers, gave it a complete cleaning and lubrication, and then started going through the Adjustments and Calibration section of the service manual.

And there's a ton of adjustments for each of the three types of tape it can use. "Type I" is good old recording tape. Been around since the 50's, and still works fine. "Type II" are the "Chromium" tapes, which came out in the late 60's. "Type III" are the "Ferrichrome" tapes, which never caught on, and "Type IV" are the "Metal" tapes, and are the height of analog cassette recording.

And they're all buried under the wiring harness. It took about 30 minutes of cutting cable ties and rerouting the cables in the harness just to get this access to them:

These six are for the Record Equalization (aka Frequency Response), and there are six more for the VU Meter Calibration.

Should be a very nice deck when I'm finished with it.

SLW and I have been under the weather with a bug, so that's why the light posting.

Friday, November 3, 2023

Spectacular Weather

 What a gorgeous day! 

70*, blue skies, puffy white clouds, and light breezes. I'm pretty sure this is The Last Gasp of Summer before Old Man Winter stomps his foot down.

The front and back yards are covered with leaves, and the trees still have leaves, so we're calling off the Great Leaf Extraction for now. We just can't see doing it twice when if we wait another week or two most of the leaves will be down.

Supra parts cleaning is going well, and all the bits I removed from the engine will soon be cleaned and bagged. Re-installation will wait until I clean up the left side of the engine block and cylinder head. The fuel filter with an Unknown History will be replaced, along with a preemptive strike to change the starter for a Denso Re-manufactured unit. I'm going to do a Forensic Analysis of the fuel filter by cutting it open, and seeing what it's trapped over it's service life. Probably be interesting and should give me some idea if the fuel tank is rusty. I'll be replacing the master and slave cylinders for the clutch "While I'm In There", and I'm replacing the flexible hose between the master and slave with a stainless steel braided line. AFAICT it's the original hose, and they get soggy over the years resulting in them ballooning up when the clutch is pressed in. It's much nicer to put clean parts back on a clean engine than to fight with the grease and crud. Makes it much easier to see all the bolts, too. Supplies have been ordered to rework the wiring harnesses in the engine compartment, and I'll be pulling the battery cables out tonight so I can figure out what length and configuration I need to order from the vendor.

Election Day is coming, and our ballots are filed out. We're voting NO on most of the items, especially Prop HH, which is a thinly disguised end run around TABOR, our Taxpayer Bill Of Rights. It's similar to what "Prop 13" was in SoCal, but has other provisions included.

Enjoy your weekend, and keep thine head borne by a swivel!

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