Saturday, January 27, 2024

Doing Fine, AAR To Follow....

 Pain down ~90%, swelling down ~90%, no jaw pain, swallowing ability significantly improved. Lymph nodes mostly back to normal, indicating we've got the infection about beat-down, and mobility returning. Leg muscles are stiff and sore, and I'm looking forward to working with the OT/PT staff. I feel confident that the Speech Pathology staff will be pleased with my progress, and clear me to the next Diet Level. I'm still eating conservatively, and following their guidelines, but boy....does it feel good to be able to eat Mac-and-Cheese in a normal manner, and be able to swallow it without any difficulty.

I have to dig up the #1 CT Scan when they brought me in, compared to the #2 CT Scan taken several days later.

Peace, have a Blessed Sunday, and be aware of your six.....

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Home Again, Home Again, Jig Jiggedy Jig!

 Released at 1500 Local, and back home again by 1600.

 The swelling and inflammation have dropped significantly, my "Cerivcal Lymph Nodes" have pretty much returned to their preincident condition, no more pain when swallowing, and the area of my jaw where they "excavated" the four abscessed molars has transitioned to being "just a gum line" again. There's still a few small fragments that will have to be addressed, but nothing like when I went in.

Still have to be on a semi-soft diet until the Speech Pathology people clear me to resume a normal diet, and the PT/OT people want me in a few times to make sure nothing else went South besides the teeth.

So now I'm "In Search Of....." a good Dentist, after which it'll be open the wallet, let the moths out, and pay the man. I need some other Dental work too, so I'm pretty sure we'll burn through our Dental Allowance at an astonishing rate.

The hospital food was OK, considering it was all pureed, but the coffee was #1 or #2 on my list of "Worst Coffee In America". First thing I did after I got home and got things squared away was make a decent cuppa, and sat down to enjoy it.

Thank you all for the encouragement and support. Infected/impacted teeth have killed many people in the past, and will continue to do so. SLW was told by the Doctor that I was in "serious trouble", which I don't remember her saying before tonight. Considering that they did the surgery several hours after I checked-in, I'd have to say "Yep".

Friday, January 12, 2024

Brrrrrrr! It's COLD Outside!

 First major winter storm heading in tonight. It's currently about SIX degrees, and it'll be -10* or colder at night during the coming week.

It's supposed to bring ~3" of snow, which is a pittance compared to what we've had in the previous years since we moved here. My electrically heated gloves are charging, I finally have a good stocking cap, and I serviced the snow blower last year in between hospital stays.

If you live here I don't have to tell you to watch out while you're out-and-about, and to pack an emergency box sufficient to keep you alive for (minimum) 48 hours. I really feel for the ranchers, farmers, and everybody else who has to work outdoors in this weather. I've done it decades ago, and it was brutal. I remember having my flashlight die out in my hand because the batteries froze. I had to keep it in my jacket, but I didn't want to open my jacket!

Anywhoo.....Keep your head on a swivel, and watch out for frostbite!

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

What's Up, Doc?

 Not much other than the progression of days....and work!

My "work" is mostly stuff I enjoy doing, along with the usual household chores, house upkeep, yadda, yadda, yadda.

I finally have all the parts I need (belts, idler tires, and capstan pressure rollers) to finish the #2 Nakamichi BX-300, so that will consume some time. The mechanical and electrical alignment take a fair amount of time to do, so this one is in sick bay for another several weeks.

The previous BX-30 I rebuilt is now in it's new home, and the new owner is quite happy.

Got this old Heathkit IG-37 "FM Stereo Generator" out of here to a new home and the guy really wanted it, warts and all.

And two people are very interested in the Heathkit "Harmonic Distortion Analyzer", and the Heathkit "IM Distortion Analyzer", both of which have been rebuilt and meet all Heathkit Specifications.

The "Audio Generator" I'm keeping, as it's an excellent piece of gear for doing what it does. Excellent frequency stability, and the distortion is well under .1%.

And I'm accumulating a YUUUUGE pile of clean, refurbished Toyota parts for the Supra. This is about 1/4 of what I've cleaned up this Winter.

Both sections of the Intake Manifold and all the Fuel Injection parts are (finally) off the car, and waiting their turn at "Dr. Jim's Health Spa for Decrepit Automobiles". I'll have to drag them into the basement shower to scrub them. Since I'm doing the cleaning work inside the house, the use of solvents is verboten, and I've been using Simple Green to scrub them with. It's not as fast as using mineral spirits, but it does the job, is low odor, and won't ignite. I also have some "Secret Sauce" I mixed up for cleaning things that I use.

And since it's been such a mild Winter (so far...), I've been able to work out in the garage on the car without freezing my tail off. The main thing I'm working on now is removing the bolt that holds the Harmonic Damper/ Balancer to the Crankshaft. It's a big bolt, it's in there with 169 ft-lbs of torque, and it hasn't moved in 40 years. Using my impact with fresh batteries only resulted in the crank during about 10* CCW, so I stopped. I needed a way to hold just the hub of the balancer while I let my impact worry away on it. You cannot apply any differential torque to the balancer, as in twisting the center while holding the outside. It will over-stress the bonded rubber layer between the two pieces, and lead to separation of the pieces. Trust me, you do NOT want your Harmonic Damper to come apart and exit the car while doing 6500RPM. I've seen it happen, and it ain't pretty. Not as bad or as violent as a clutch explosion, but it will most likely ruin your day. Or engine. Toyota had a 3-piece set of "Special Service Tools" to hold the hub, but good luck finding them. You can see in this shot, that the harmonic balancer has tapped holes in it. The SST attached to the bolts in the hub, had an 18" handle on it, and kept the hub from rotating while you wailed away on getting the blasted bolt loose.

I'll clean out the tapped holes with a .30 cal bore brush, as it fits perfectly, and then run a re-threading tap through them to get the stubborn stuff out.

 Seeing as the Special Service Tool is "Just a plate with two holes and a handle", I'm going to fabricate one. With a bit of clever design, I'll also be able to use it to hold/rotate the camshaft sprockets. too. No, I don't know if they were made by Spacely. There's a "scrap metal" place not far from here where I can get the stock, and I have enough tools to build it build with one exception.

If I'm going to fab metal, I need one of these:

Yes, it uses flux-cored wire which can make messy welds if you're not careful, but I've been welding off-and-on for over 40 years, so I think I can figure it out.

Be nice to have a welder in the family!

I'm well on my way to "Decrapifying" the driver's front corner of the engine bay. Since I had to dissect the wiring harnesses and move them out of the way, I had room to get into there and scrub some of the crud out. It's slow going, but I'll spend 15~20 minutes per night scrubbing away on it. I'll still have to sandblast and paint the areas with the surface rust, but it looks like that damage is highly contained to the area immediately under the battery tray. 

So that's "What's Up, Doc?" for the last week or so. Gonna get down to sub-zero temps over the coming weekend, and while there's snow in the forecast, I doubt we'll get much accumulation.

Be good to each other, and stay in Condition Yellow outside the home.

Egad....'Tis a Trifle HOT This Week

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