Friday, January 29, 2010

Top Ten Corrupt Politicans In 2009

Gee, wonder how many of the same names will be here next year? And how many will get reelected after what I hope will be The First Great November Reckoning.
In alphabetical order:

Senator Christopher Dodd (D-CT)
Senator John Ensign (R-NV)
Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA)
Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geithner
Attorney General Eric Holder
Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-IL)/ Senator Roland Burris (D-IL)
President Barack Obama
Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)
Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) and the rest of the PMA Seven
Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY)

Read what these wonderful elected "servants" did to make it on this illustrious list over at Judicial Watch.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State of the Union Address

I didn't watch it and didn't listen to it, but my future stepson had it on for a while in the other room. Just from the tone of HRH Obama's voice, it sounded like a cross between a high-school pep rally, and one of Teh One's campaign speeches.
After about 30 minutes, he changed the channel to something else, and came out of his room.
What he said stunned me:
"He just doesn't sound like a President".
WOW! This from a 26 year old guy who dropped out of high school, and works his rear end off in a warehouse for about $12/hour.
I don't think he voted (never asked him), but some of his contemporaries did, and they voted for Teh One. I could write this off as typical young people not understanding what was at stake (Hey, I supported McGovern {for a while} back when I was young!), but they way they talked about Obama was so full of the 'unicorns and rainbows' BS that I'm going to have to start educating these young people about Our Constitution, Economics, and TANSTAAFL.
I'll be interested in seeing how our "State Owned" media spins this tomorrow.....

State Of The Union BINGO Card

I'm going to be busy tonight (have to wash my hair or something...), so I won't be able to watch HRH Obama spew his tripe.
In the meantime, I can probably come up with about 90% of what he's going to say using this neat little tool.

Have fun!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Now we have to start booting out all the stinking liberal commies in Kalifronia.
Pelosi can go first, then Boxer and Feinstein......

More Rain.....

We've gotten over 1.3" of rain since midnight, and had about that much yesterday. Had some lightning and thunder around noon, and tornado warnings were posted.
Our backyard looks like a small lake!
I think I might run out to Harbor Freight and see if they have any pumps left. If we get much more, I'm going to have to pump the backyard out into the street!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

MAJOR Rain On The Way For SoCal

The NWS has put out the warnings that starting sometime today, a series of major winter storms will come roaring through Southern California. Looks like six solid days of rain coming here. We've pretty much battened down the hatches here, but I should probably build some kind of dam in front of the garage door. I put new weather stripping on it, but if we get several INCHES of rain over the next few days, I'm not sure if it will keep the water out.
I have to drop the mast my weather station is mounted on this of the wind cups broke/fell off the anemometer the other day. As a result, it doesn't start spinning until there's quite a breeze blowing, so my wind speeds are all whacked out. The replacement parts arrived last Wednesday, so out comes the ladder and wrenches before it starts raining this afternoon. Probably be one of my "30 Minute" jobs that'll wind up taking me two hours!


Installing the new wind cups on the anemometer was a "breeze". Dropping the mast wasn't bad at all this time, as I rolled out my little service cart to set it on, and it took maybe 5 minutes to swap out the broken part. I used some husky spring clamps from Harbor Freight to hold the mast in place while I got the bolts started, which was much better than the last time I did, when I realized I needed six hands to hold the mast, get the bolts started, and tighten them enough so the wall brackets would grab it.
Then I put new extra thick weatherstripping on our West-facing garage door, only to see that it STILL had a 1-1/2" gap on one side, and a 3/4" gap on the other. Either the door was never hung properly when it was installed, or things have settled a whole bunch since it was. After a bit of head scratching, it dawned on me that I had a bunch of nearly indestructible thick rubber pads for use with non-penetrating roof mounts. The GF and I laid out the pads to match the gap, and when we closed the door, the new weatherstrip fit snugly all across the width of the door. And she wonders why I keep all this stuff around! Packed some old towels in the gaps between the garage door and the frame, and went up on the garage roof to wrap a big plastic bag around the ventilator turbine.
Programmed my Uniden scanner to the local NWS channels, made sure all our rechargeable batteries are good-to-go, charged all the batteries in my HT's, and filled up my 5-gallon can with gas and some Sta-Bil in case we need to use my Honda EU2000i generator.
We're battened down pretty well for SoCal.


We've received over 1-1/4" of rain since midnight. The backyard looks like a lake, the rubber pads and towels are holding back the rain from going into the garage, and the dogs have to be seriously 'coerced' into going outside. My weather station is running fine, and the house is nice and dry and warm inside. Maybe the dogs know better than I do!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Stolen Elections in 2010?

Well, I certainly wouldn't put it past Teh One. He is, after all, from Chicago, where the Original Mayor Daley's battle cry was "Vote Early and Vote Often!".
I've seen this mentioned elsewhere, but here's a link to WND for a better story.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Online Petition To Repeal California's Ammunition Bill

As you might know, The Governator recently signed a bill requiring all kinds of arcane hoops to jump through when you go to buy ammo out here in the People's Republik of Kalifornia.
Courtesy of my buddy The Wandering Minstrel, I was clued in to an online petition to get the bill repealed.
If you live in Kalifornia, go here and sign the petition.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sick Dog....

No, not *me*!
Had to take the older of our two dogs to the vet yesterday. She's 13 1/2, which is really getting up there for an American Staffordshire Terrier, a.k.a., "Pit Bull". She's gone deaf in the last 9 months or so, and her vision isn't quite what it used to be, be she still loves taking her evening walks with me. And despite the bad rap that the media gives Pit Bulls, they're really very good dogs. Very loyal and loving, as long as you rear them like you're supposed to rear *any* dog. It burns me the way some people treat their dogs, but that's a subject for another day. Yesterday morning she started hacking up all kinds of crud (looked like melted ice-cream), and she was very lethargic and wouldn't eat. The girlfriend and I were starting to think maybe it's "time". All our Internet Expert Veterinary friends said she had "kennel cough", but after looking it up myself, I doubted it. Well, the REAL Vet took her temp (I never knew a dog's normal temp was around 101), listened to her with his stethoscope, and gave me the news. He said "Her heart sounds terrible, and her lungs sound terrible." We've known for the last couple of years that she's got an enlarged heart, and has fluid retention problems. He suggested another round of blood tests and chest X-ray, but rather than OK it right there, I said I'd take her back home, and talk to my girlfriend about what we wanted to do. In the meantime, her gave her a shot of diuretic to help her pass out the fluid, and warned me to be sure and have her home within 30 minutes because she was going to be going to the bathroom big time.
Well, this morning she was like a puppy. No wheezing, and very active. Had a nice 45 minute walk tonight, and the term "Miracle Drug" comes to mind. She's still pushing 14 years old, but for now we're happy to have our "old" Domino back. I just don't want to think about the next time we have to take her in........

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