Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State of the Union Address

I didn't watch it and didn't listen to it, but my future stepson had it on for a while in the other room. Just from the tone of HRH Obama's voice, it sounded like a cross between a high-school pep rally, and one of Teh One's campaign speeches.
After about 30 minutes, he changed the channel to something else, and came out of his room.
What he said stunned me:
"He just doesn't sound like a President".
WOW! This from a 26 year old guy who dropped out of high school, and works his rear end off in a warehouse for about $12/hour.
I don't think he voted (never asked him), but some of his contemporaries did, and they voted for Teh One. I could write this off as typical young people not understanding what was at stake (Hey, I supported McGovern {for a while} back when I was young!), but they way they talked about Obama was so full of the 'unicorns and rainbows' BS that I'm going to have to start educating these young people about Our Constitution, Economics, and TANSTAAFL.
I'll be interested in seeing how our "State Owned" media spins this tomorrow.....


  1. It's nice to know there's real hope among those of his age.

    Given the laughter that Teh Won's serious statements engendered, and the defection of the NY Times and Jon Stewart, I think a slow implosion has begun.

  2. I was a gluton for punishment and watched the whole thing.
    I think Nancy crying behind him as Teh One spoke of her dreams was the toughest part.
    I would bet he was hitting a lie a minute during most of the speech. To bad no one called him on it this time.
    My son sat through about half of it before the BS meter was more then he could handle. There is hope for our future.

  3. I was at work... :-) Glad I missed it!

    WV- hoggen Yep, he's hoggen our money...

  4. I missed something when I was young---I was a Goldwater supporter and a John Bircher, damn that was long ago. Their is hope for the younger generation, they are just like little puppies it takes awhile for the eyes to open and see the real world.


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