Sunday, November 6, 2022

It's Not Monday, and It's Not Stormy, but I Like This Song....

 Overcast and 45* outside today. Was going to either take the Supra out, or do yard work, but Da Wedder ain't conducive to either.

SO......I'm going to bake some bread, and listen to music today. Have a nice fire and watch a movie later. SLW is up in BC with friends, so it's pretty quiet here. Just me and the dog....

Hope you all have a pleasant and blessed Sunday.


  1. Chilly but, so far, dry. Need to take a business trip to NE Panhandle this coming week. Tuesday looks like the best day for weather.

    1. That's what I'm thinking. I really need to get some more miles on the car before it goes up on jack stands for the Winter.

  2. An idle mind is the devil's workshop!

    1. And idle hands are his tools! Gotta keep busy.....

  3. Thankfully still in the 70s down here!

  4. 10-4!!!.... thx for the Allman Bro's!!
    "Bake some bread!!" Good idea....
    "Beer Bread"
    "3" cups of "Self Rising" Four...
    "2" Tablespoons of plain ol' Sugar...
    "1" 12 oz. BEER "any kind!!" "Bud Light to Beck's.. 'Or?'"
    'Pre-heat" oven.... 350*F
    Mix Flour, Sugar and Beer in a bowl...
    (Mix "WELL!!!!!!!"... keep working the dough till all the flour is absorbed!!!!!!) Spray some "non stick spray in a 9" loaf pan..
    Put dough in.... No need to let rise but it won't hurt... I've done 10 to 30 minutes you can do more "If you want to try??"
    "BAKE!!!!!!!" for 1 hour!!!!!!
    10 or so min. before done, put 2 tablespoons.. (1/4 stick) of butter in a sauce pan over the heat riser on the range to melt...
    when the bread is done it will fall out of the pan.. put on a couple of paper towels.. pour the melted butter over the crevasses on top !! Wait a few min. before slicing.. use a "serated" knife ...let the blade do the work thru the crust!!!!!


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