Monday, November 28, 2022

Supra Mission 28NOV22 Scrubbed

 The weather didn't cooperate very well, in that it was overcast and cooler than expected. 

With road surface temps cold enough to make the "High Performance Summer Only" tires get greasy, no heater, and no wipers,  it was a NOGO for today.

These tires (Toyo Proxes T1R) are astounding when it's >50* outside, and then they start losing their grip. Tires designed for "Summer Use" are very, very good when the road surface is warm-to-hot, and not so good when it gets cold. I've only had the car "loose" once, and it gave me plenty of warning, and recovered beautifully. But it was 80something degrees outside in SoCal, and that's a bit different than 40something in NoCo.

It's still sitting on the ground, and this coming week doesn't look too promising. so I'm still debating whether to put her up on stands.

So, I spent today cutting and splitting some more firewood, and helping SLW with the Christmas decorations, and the seasonal rearrangement of furniture.

Better safe than sorry!


  1. Probably wise to put it to bed. We may get a nice day or two but never trust Front Range weather, IMO.

    1. Yeah, I'll most likely put her up on stands on Thursday. It's forecast for high 40's, and that's warm enough to have the garage doors both open for easy access.

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah, rats! Even my Toyota buddies are saying to call it a season.

    2. Friend ordered tires last week here in Small City New Mexico, made an appointment to have them installed Monday. Went there, worker bees took off old tires, discovered new tires not present, put old tires back on. This calls to mind a certain Monty Python skit.

    3. Well, at least they didn't charge him!


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