Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Front Landscaping, Continued

We still have a lot of work to do, but it's progressing nicely.

Here are the pavers leading down to the sidewalk. All the bark on the right side has been scraped out, and we temporarily moved two of the pavers from the side by the downspout to the 'pathway' because the store was two short. I don't think we're going to dig out the area by the downspout; we'll get two more pavers to replace the two we borrowed, and fill in the rest with the shredded cedar we've already put in.

The new stepping stones make it much easier to go from the street to the house, and the grass won't get trashed by the foot traffic. And the new edging should help keep things tidy.

It looks a lot better than it did, and should look nice when we're done.

Still more to do. The place we got the shredded cedar from only had about half of what we ordered, so we have big spots that are still bare.

The wife is deciding what other plants to buy. We're trying to find things that either bloom all summer, or have staggered blooming times so we'll always have some color.

And once we get the North side of the front yard finished (is this stuff ever really finished?) we'll attack the South side. Plans call for the edging and shredded cedar over here, too.


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    1. Thank you, sir. Both of us don't care for large patches of bare dirt in the front yard, and the wife has this "Splashes of COLOR!!" thing going.

      Happy wife, happy life.

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    1. Sweat equity, WSF!

      The first "lawn guy" wanted about $4500 to completely redo the front yard. It doesn't need 'completely redoing', just some "fixin' up".

      We have about $800 in it now, split between the materials and the labor we're paying our handyman guy.


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