Monday, June 4, 2018

Warm Weather Runnin' 'Round

Going to be in the low to mid 90's later this week, and with the humidity so low here (~20%),  I have to remind myself to keep hydrated. When I was dripping wet working outside in Long Beach it was pretty easy to remind myself to have some water or Gatorade, but here you just don't get "dripping wet". Well, I don't seem to get soaked when I'm bashing away on something and it's in the upper 80's/low 90's, but then I run at a slower pace these days....

Anyway....we're well stocked with electrolyte drinks and powders, so now I just have to force myself to keep a container of water or a 'sports drink' handy.

Gonna head out to Home Depot and Harbor Freight in a few. Need some yard things from HD and gonna get some cheep saw horses at HF to hold the rear spoiler for the Supra when I scrub it down and put my substitute gasket on it. One of my buddies on the forum suggested putting some blankets down on the hood, and using that as my 'work table' while I put the gasket on. That would have been a 'zero cost' thing as we have plenty of big, padded moving blankets, but it doesn't take into account I'm going to be applying a couple of gallons of Elbow Grease to it while I scrub it down, and I don't want to risk damaging the hood.

Had a mild but unpleasant reaction to Singulair, which my Doctor put me on the see if it would help with my allergies, which are NOT liking Spring In The Rockies. It did very little/nothing for my allergy symptoms, but did give me a feeling of "general uneasiness", so I quit taking it and was back to normal (whatever that is) a day later. Didn't expect it to have that effect on me, so I read up on it, and it's a listed side-effect. No biggie, as it didn't help with the allergies anyway. The FloNase is working well, when I remember to use it! After a few days, I'm 'all better', so I forget to use it, and the symptoms come roaring back in a day or so.

If allergy attacks are the worst thing about living here, I'll gladly put up with them.....


  1. What keeps my allergies at bay is a spoonful of honey in my morning coffee. Raw, local source non processed honey has minute particles and of allergens the bees pick up that get mixed into the honey. These stimulate your immune system. This has worked for me for a long time.

    Farmers markets are a good place to find pure honey. A local company, L.C. Rice company can be found in many local stores including Walmart. I buy mine direct from their plant in Greeley. About $18 for a large bottle.

  2. I'll put it on the grocery list.

    King Soopers have it?

    1. Don't know. I rarely shop at King Soopers.

    2. OK. I'll put it on the grocery list and we'll find some.

      Thanks again, WSF!

    3. Turns out we already have a large bottle of LC Rice "Pure, Unfiltered" honey.

      I'll start using it tomorrow....

  3. Don't forget to cover your skin, like wear a wide-brimmed hat, and long sleeves, when working outside. You are just a tad closer to the glowing orb of pain than when you were living at the other place. A mile or two up in elevation means a significant increase in UV.

    For summer, instead of sports drinks, try... dill pickle water or vinegar water from a jar of Spanish olives. Really. As an idiot in Florida who can't handle sugary sports drinks, pickle juice works as it has all the electrolytes you need and the vinegar helps cut the dry throat crud.

    As to your allergies, have you tried OTC Zyrtec or Allegra or Claritin, or their generic equivalents? I've got really bad allergies and I use a generic Claritin (once a day) and Flonase. During bad allergy attacks I use 1 Benadryl tablet/pill (2 at a time puts me to sleep, 1 at a time every 8 hours supplements the normal stuff just enough that I can survive without having my nose drown me.

    1. I'm diabetic, so we get the low sugar versions of the drinks.

      I take two Benadryl at night, but there's times I still wake up with a head full of mucus.

      I'll try some of the OTC stuff. Haven't done that for a while, but different allergens here.

  4. Sorry about the allergies but enjoy the Rockies! It's like an oven here in TX...

    1. We're in the high 80's/low 90's this week, so it's "warm" here, too.

      The humidity is about 15% right now, so at least it's "Dry Heat"!

  5. I take one Zertec D before bed, and use the Breathe Free nasal strip while sleeping. This has let me live with a dog, and tree pollen, so I'm a fan.

    The allegra made me depressed and aggro, so watch for that if you try it.

    Flonase may slow healing if you have any eye issues recurring. It did in my case. There is an alternative nasal spray if the Flonase doesn't work that I keep as a fall back for really bad days. Ask you Dr. There are many choices and some one or combination will provide relief without knocking you out.

    Jerry Pournelle used to swear by the Netti Pot to rinse out your nasal passages, but I couldn't get past the ick factor.

    Hope you find your winning combination.



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