Saturday, June 2, 2018

Alan Bean, Apollo 12 LEM Pilot and Artist, Passes At Age 86

Just heard about this from one of my Boeing Buddies.

Captain Alan LaVern Bean, USN, was quite a guy. He piloted the Lunar Module on Apollo 12, and was the Commander of the Skylab 3 mission. His 1969 Corvette is one of the very few "Astro-Vettes" (Corvettes owned by Astronauts) left. The car, and Capt Bean, were the subject of several articles in various car magazines. He said the neighborhood kids never cared much about his spaceflights, but they ALL remembered his Corvette.

I think this one is my favorite painting of his.

Godspeed, Captain Bean!


  1. Most youngsters today will never know how much the astronauts meant to us.

    1. We, mere mortals, were in awe of these MEN.

  2. Replies
    1. And he had a marvelous sense of humor. He said in an interview, that he was the only artist who could properly paint the moon, because he was the only artist who'd been there.

  3. RIP Captain.

    He was a man among men who set a high standard for a generation. It's too bad that we lost that sort of example for the current generation who look to social justice warriors as examples.

  4. Goddamnit we are rapidly approaching a headline that shouldn't happen, "The last living man to have walked upon the moon has died."

    1. And it saddens me greatly. Oh, well....JFK really didn't give a rat's behind about the space program. He just wanted a big Cold War 'win' for the USA.

      IIRC, there was enough flight-qualified hardware to make two more trips, but we walked away from it.


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