Monday, June 11, 2018

Fresh Paint!

Masked off parts of the tail yesterday and shot some paint on it.

It came out better than I expected....

Kind of hard to tell in the above picture, but the paint covered fine, flowed out nicely, and -GASP!- it even came out SHINY!

Here's a "Before and After" shot of the spoiler center mount point.

And here's the antenna mounting hole after the sand/prime/sand routine.

The rear edge of the spoiler was all chipped and dinged up, because when the spoiler is off the car, it very handily stores by standing it up against a wall or something. The bad news it that the bottom edge gets plunked down on whatever is on the floor, and if you don't protect that edge, the paint gets the living snot beat out of it.

I tried lightly wet sanding it, but some of the dings were completely through the paint and primer, and into the fiberglass. OUCH! So I went at it with some 600 wet-or-dry and a spray bottle of water to keep it wet.

Hard to see, but this is after the third round of sand/prime/sand.

I'll flip it over tonight and get the bottom of the rear edge.


  1. Not bad at all! You do great work, my friend.

    1. It's still a learning/remembering process. I used to be passably good with bodywork, and OK on paint, as long as it was a straight color, no metallic, and NOT black, which shows every....single....flaw in your bodywork.

      But it's been quite a while, I don't have the same equipment, and while materials and techniques have changed over the years, the process is till the same.

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    1. You can have it cheap, fast, or good.....pick any TWO.

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    1. Slow and steady wins the race.

      Along with enough cubic inches and shop equipment....

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    1. Probably not any Supra specific clubs, but I know there's active "Import Scene" clubs down in Denver.

      The tree service guys we had take down the cottonwood tree are motorsports guys. The owner does motocross, and his brother has friends who run a MKIV Supra at Mile High Raceway. The car runs 10's @ 138MPH, so it's a pretty serious car.

      One of the people I met at our daughter-in-laws "Big Three OH!" birthday party works at a garage North of Wellington with his brother and father, and it's a garage his grandfather built. The young guy is incredibly sharp, and within minutes of meeting him were were talking about all the flavors of Bosch "Jetronic" fuel injection systems, and their good and bad points.

      So I'm slooowly getting to meet some serious car guys here. Hopefully I'll get some leads on body and paint, and upholstery. There appears to be at least two good auto (and boat, of course) upholstery shops here, so after I get the car cleaned up and running, I'll take it to the places, show them what I'd like fixed, and find out what it costs here. Seems things that are "cheap" here are expensive in SoCal, and stuff that's cheap in SoCal winds up costing twice as much here.....

  5. Really looks good-I should know-- I have painted many cars!!

    1. Thanks, Matt, but you's think differently if you saw her in person.

      When she came off the truck the brought her here she was definitely a "50 footer". I've brought her back to being a "10 footer", and slowly working to get her to "5 footer" status.

    2. My paint jobs are 50 /50, fifty feet at fifty mph.
      Those $1 rattle cans might have something to do with that though.


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