Saturday, September 17, 2016

Small Block Chevy Time Lapse Rebuild

Yeah, yeah, yeah....I know I've posted this before.

I like it. It's cool. Watch it again.

Pretty low-perf engine they started with. Two-bolt mains, cast iron crank, cast pistons, pressed-in rocker studs, no push rod guide plates (only used with screw-in studs), and a two barrel intake manifold.

But they rebuilt it properly, with an overbore and hone, decked the block and surfaced the heads, installed hardened valve seats and a roller-type timing chain. The intake manifold and carb they used are Edelbrock street performance types, and I bet that little motor just purrs......


  1. Or you can stroke a check for $2,500 or so and get up to 400 h.p. with a warranty.

  2. Yeah, but that's not my style.....

    I've lost track of how many engines I've rebuilt. Everything from just throw new bearings in it and pray it stays together, to full-on race engines.

    Even "hot rodded" a couple of lawn mower and yard tractor engines!


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