Monday, September 19, 2016

Alignment Passed!


I was afraid I'd either done something wrong, or there were worn parts that I'd missed, or that Murphy would exact his revenge, but everything turned out GREAT!

My setting the caster adjustment on the front strut rods was spot on, so close in fact, that the young guy didn't want to adjust it, as he said he doubted if he could get it any closer.

The "specified range" is 3.69* to 4.69*, and my shade tree measurements wound up giving me 4.19* on the left side, and 4.29* on the right side.

Front toe specified range is .09* to .16*, and I had .39* on the left, and .29* on the right.

After adjustment it was .14* on the left and .12* on the right.

Front camber measured at -.25* left, and -.30* on the right, the result of dropping it.

At the rear, the specified range for toe is -.09* to +.09*, and mine measured .13* on the left and .12* on the right.

After adjustment I have -.02* on both sides.

Rear camber measures -2.14* on the left, and -2.22* on the right, also the result of the drop.

So, the alignment is probably as good as it's ever going to be, and I'm cleared to go to Vegas!

Gonna have a bite to eat, finish up the adapter plug/wiring harness for the new radio, and then get back to work so I can have most of the interior back in the car.

One thing I noticed when he was pulling the car on the alignment rack is that one of my brake lights was burned out. So, I stopped at the O'Reilly's store I always go to and bought all new bulbs for the rear.

The bulbs I took out were "Koyto" brand,made in Japan, and might very well be the original bulbs that came with the car.

The young guys at O'Reilly's came pouring out of the store when I pulled up, and were all smiles, thumbs up, and hand shakes/fist bumps to me.

 They've been hearing about the car for two months now, and really flipped out over the wheels/tires and stance.

They were amazed that all the bodywork is straight, that the paint is original, and none of the flares are cracked or broken.

More to come.......


  1. Nice work, and I'm sure you were smiling!!! :-)

  2. I was happier than a pig in you-know-what!

    The alignment guy told me I did "real nice work", and how nice it was to work on a 30 year old car that wasn't "a rustbucket or a greasepit" which kinda made my day.

  3. Nice going drjim! Every positive step is in the right direction :-)

  4. Thanks, Irish!

    The passenger side of the dash and interior is all put back together, and I'm just about to go out and finish up the driver's side.

    Then bolt in a few more pieces for the radio, and the console, and I'm done!

    For now......

  5. Hey Jim, X has a proposition for you: since that Supra is rear wheel drive, and RWD vehicles are nearly worthless in the snowy Colorado winters, I'd be happy to park it in my 4 car garage here in Texas. Then, long 'bout the end of May when you guys thaw out, you can pick it up and have a nice leisurely drive back to Colorado. 'Course I'll take it out often, and run through the gears and see what she'll do. Whaddayasay?

  6. I say "no".

    Not just "no", but HELL NO!

    But, if you ever get up to Colorful Colorado, I'll be happy to give you a ride....

    1. Can't blame me for tryin'
      It was worth a shot.


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