Friday, September 23, 2016

Dyno Day!

Got to All Access Tuning about 1000, and signed in by 1030. I was #10 to get on the dyno, but car #8 was front-wheel drive, so he bumped to last because they have to reconfigure the dyno for FWD, and car #9 had some "Technical Difficulties" (blown fuse on his boost controller), so he wasn't ready.

Got the car strapped down, the dyno run began, and the final results were 142.9 HP to the rear wheels, and 161 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels.

It's anybody's guess what the loss in the transmission and differential are, but running the Red Line synthetic lube like I do lowers the loss, freeing up a few HP, and the Accepted Wisdom / Tribal Knowledge for these cars is that you lose around 10% in the driveline.

So, considering the original horsepower for this engine was 161 bhp at the flywheel, and factoring in 10% loss, the car should have put 144 HP to the rear wheels.

I have no idea how/when/if the dynamometer we used was calibrated to any traceable source, so I'll just take the readings they gave me, and accept them.

All I know is that it runs really well, gets better gas mileage than I thought it would, and is a pleasure to drive.

I'll take that!


  1. 143 out of a possible 144? Not bad, old son. Not bad at all!

  2. I would have been happy with 125!

    One of my friends there, the guy that's tutoring me on all the intricacies of replacing the carpet without going insane, has an almost identical car with the exception of having a "Cold Air Intake Pipe", and he put down 155rwhp.

    Due to some fitment issues, I didn't have time to get mine installed, but that item just went up a few spots on my current "TODO" list!

  3. "All I know is that it runs really well, gets better gas mileage than I thought it would, and is a pleasure to drive."


  4. Nice, and nothing to complain about with that!

    1. Yeah, this project has come along nicely, despite all the minor set backs, skinned knuckles, lost sleep, and totally blown budget!

    2. The first half of the project takes 90% of the budget, the other half take the other 90%....

    3. The only "budget wreckers" were all the tools I wound up buying, but since they're tools, they fall under a different "Cost Account", so I can't charge them to "Project Supra".

      I guess I'll just charge them off to the R&D Department!

  5. and totally blown budget!

    Say it isn't so.

    1. yuk-yuk.....No, not quite.

      I did wind up spending about $300 on tools that I hadn't counted on, butt that was during the work, NOT in Vegas!

      I don't gamble, I don't drink, and I don't like loud, noisy, crowded places packed with people.

      If it wasn't for the car show, I'd probably never come to Las Vegas!

  6. Your work with mechanics keeps you pretty busy out there. You sure seem to like it though. I can't think of anything I would really like to do except work out at our airfield, so I keep my eye on the paper, in case they have a vacancy. You run your own show so you don't have to do that. Lucky.

    1. Back from about 1971 to 1982 when I moved to Kommiefornia, I was seriously involved with SCCA road racing. I had a shop with a bunch of other guys where we worked on our race cars, and we always had a good time. It was always about learning new things to me, although my father was NOT happy I was doing all this "Grease Monkey" stuff. The other guys drifted away, and then the main guy who had the building lease for his business (he rented to us because it was more shop than he needed, and it also let him make a few $$) sold the lease and the business to a different guy. He booted the others out, but let me stay because I'd helped him with some electrical problems he'd had with a customer car, and he told me I was a good guy to have around!

      Did tons of work on foreign and domestic, from basic maintenance to high-performance modifications.

      Had a lot of fun, learned a lot, and made enough money to finance the race car.


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