Saturday, September 10, 2016

NEVER Forget.......


  1. Obama remembered the day by appointing a Moslem to a federal court bench.

    1. 0bummer would appoint a moose-slime as Pope if he could!

  2. But I read on the Intertoobs that it's all fake. There was a picture that showed that an airplane landing at nearly stall speed resulted in no fatalities, so that flight 93 auguring into the ground in a power dive should have had no fatalities and not disintegrated. And another video that said steel can be heated until it loses its temper and still be able to hold a load that requires that temper. And the Jooos! Don't forget the Jooos all calling in sick that day! It's all an inside job!!.

    Sorry. The stupid is too much to bear some days.


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