Monday, September 5, 2016

Right Side Strut Installed!

Geez....things are going so good today that I'd better find a BIG piece of wood to knock on!

And at the top, I installed the other mounting plate for the strut tower reinforcing bar:

I'll mess around a bit with installing the Raptor Racing braided stainless steel brake lines, and fix a screw-up on my part.

I accidentally installed the anti-rattle spring clips on the driver's side caliper upside down.

I didn't notice it until I was starting to rebuild the passenger side caliper, and as soon as I pulled the old pads, it smacked me right in the eyeballs.

I don't have to pull the entire caliper. Just remove one bolt, and pivot the caliper up just like I was changing the pads. Then remove the outer pad, flip the spring clips round, and put it all back together.


  1. You may find this odd, but I find that inspirational.

  2. You have a vision and you are executing the vision and making it real. People talk about doing that but not everyone does it.

  3. Well, to me it's not much different than rebuilding an old radio.

    I take a "thing" that needs work, analyze what needs "fixin'", then order the parts.

    When the parts come in, I take the old worn out or broken ones off, and replace them with new or refurbished ones.

    I only have to get "creative" when I can't get replacement parts that meet the required specs.

    Otherwise it's just spinning wrenches, or melting solder....

  4. Nice catch! My luck is never 'that' good... sigh

  5. It was a major PITA to get the new pads in on the left side, and I kept fighting with the spring clips.

    When I took the right side apart, I had a D'OH! moment and realized I did them wrong....


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