Monday, July 1, 2019

Lots 'O Lightning!

The little lightning detector has been going off constantly for the last couple of hours, indicating lightning discharges anywhere from 5km to 17km away.

And they're getting hammered up in Bellvue and Laporte, where the kids live.

Down here? Not so much, so I just spent a couple of hours watering the lawn and getting sprinkled on while doing it! Last year I tried to rely on Mother Nature, and she doesn't always cooperate when it comes to rain. We're in a "Precipitation Shadow" here, and while it can be coming down in buckets 8~10 miles away, we might get sprinkles. So rather than watch the grass croak again this summer, I'm watering it every 2~3 days, and only skipping those days where there's rain coming down.

And it's sprinkling again.....


  1. We started the day here in Vancouver: dry, warm, and sunny. About 5PM a big thunderstorm cell rolled through, lots of lightening right on top of us, booming thunder,pounding rain and gusty winds. Got .59 inch of rain in less than an hour. Loved every minute of it!

    1. Yeah, it's pretty nice when a front goes through. The temp drops, the winds pick up, and everything gets fresh again!

  2. Depending on the source, Colorado is #4 or #5 in lightning deaths.

    1. I've been cracking the "Electrical Grounding and Bonding" books again to try and devise some minimal lightning surge protection for the gear inside the house. We rarely had lightning in SoCal, so nobody really bothered to worry about it. Here we have about 50~60 (depends on whose chart you look at) days of "Thunderstorm Activity" per year, so I'm doing some things (and spending some $$) to try and mitigate the effects of numerous lightning discharges per day of storms.


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