Saturday, July 20, 2019

Apollo 11

I'd write something about it, but I'm limited to an old man's remembrances of a time long past in a country that sadly doesn't exist any longer.

And others write far better than I.....


  1. It was an event that brought much of the country together, if only for a few days.

  2. What WSF said. There was great national pride, at least at the time.

  3. I would have been a very precocious 3 1/2 year old but I'd swear I remember it. Honestly it was probably another return to earth that I remember, as 3 seems really young to know anything about astronauts. I had the Mercury capsule GI Joe toy, and the blond GI Joe that came with it, and later the GI Joe lunar rover backpack. We were all mad for space back then. It pains me to thing of "Space Age" as being 40 + years ago.

    One thing NASA accomplished (to their eternal shame) is that they made space flight BORING, routine, nothing special, anyone can do it. Took two generations to get over that.


  4. I had just turned 17 a couple of weeks earlier. I can remember sitting in our family room watching the television with the first step on the moon.

    I had been fascinated by spaceflight since I was in grade school. I even vaguely remember the Life magazine cover with the seven Mercury Astronauts on it. By the time of Apollo 11 I was an avid fan of science fiction. Those were exciting times to me. It is so sad that we are only now looking at returning to the Moon and going to Mars. There were predictions back when this first Moon landing occurred that we would colonize the Moon and be on Mars before the 21st Century.


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