Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Garage Cleanup Time!

So this afternoon I cleaned a winter's worth of stuff from around my poor old Supra, and backed her outside.

Then I took stock of what had to be done with the shelves, and set to it.



Doesn't look like four hours worth of work was accomplished, but since half of the stuff on the shelves was just tossed up there to get it off the floor when I built the shelves, there was a lot of sorting going on as I emptied the shelves.

All the antenna/radio stuff is now on specific shelves, all the car parts have been sorted and shelved according to what they are, several boxes of stuff that should have been in the basement are now down there, numerous boxes were consolidated with the empties flattened and tossed, and (once again!) I found a bunch of stuff that was MIA.

Tomorrow I'm going to Gunk the engine again, and give her a bath and pressure wash of the engine bay.

For now, she's back in the barn sleeping.....


  1. If you like that sort of thing, I have a storage locker that is a mess.

  2. til you explained I thought you had just moved the camera closer to the shelves... LOL

    1. Either that or I zoomed in some from where I was standing.

  3. The bottom photo must have been taken in the nanosecond before the invisible members of "The Association Against Clean Horizontal Flat Surfaces" put stuff on the table. (pronounced Ah-Chuffs)

    I noticed the toolbox stacks look much like mine, and I learned the hard way to push the drawers back in after opening them. I didn't get hurt, and my wife's car got only a few scratches.
    I then put enough plywood pieces under the front casters to make the drawers mostly self closing.

    1. HAH! The paint on that little table is still curing, so I'm very careful not to put things on it for a few more days.

      I learned to close the drawers all the way when I had my first rolling cab. I saw a friend's tip over and dump everything out because he had ALL the drawers open at the same time!

  4. Navy- ALWAYS secure all drawers... LOL Looking good

  5. Looks good.
    I ended up cleaning my garage just to find my sandblast nozzle Saturday.


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