Saturday, July 6, 2019

Coaxial Cable Entrance Box est Finee!

Yeah, I know....."The Older I Get, The Better I Was" and all that. Time was, though, when I could have terminated these four connectors, and had my tools all put away in under two hours.

Today? Not so much. Took me a total of four hours, start to finish, to get the connectors installed and the tools put away.

Of course that includes going out with the dog twice, going to the basement and/or garage numerous times to retrieve tools I thought I had in my "Connector Installation Field Kit" (they're back in the tub where they belong now), finding the new tips and installing one in my 40 Watt Weller iron, moving the wife's car into the garage after hearing the weather/hail report (BTW...the weather reporting station at the Fort Collins/Loveland airport went down Tuesday afternoon and is still down!), and briefly stopping for a hot dog and some of that great macaroni salad my wife made.

ANYWAY......the connectors are installed:

And sweeping them from 3~600MHz with a dummy load on the other side showed.....a nice, flat, 1:1 VSWR over the range, just as it should.

I put the cover on it, and I'll call it completed until I decide to modify it!

Coming up next is where I get off my duff and plant the posts. I'll get a hold of my ham neighbor and see when he has some time to help me this week.

I'll sure be glad when this project is wrapped up and I can get back on the Supra!

Think I'll back her out tomorrow and hose her off..........


  1. Nice job, and I see the ubiquitous magnetic dish is holding small fasteners.
    The box cover is calling out for a label, or a sticker, or something.

    1. I've got 5 or 6 of those little magnetic dishes. They usually save sweeping up the hardware when I dump the dish!

  2. That makes me feel inadequate! Bought a cheap Chinese piece of crap mirror ($20 at Best Buy) with over the door hangers. Took me better than 30 minutes to attach two brackets. Once again, duck tape to the rescue.

    1. I've gotten better at doing this stuff since we moved here.

      Took me TWO HOURS to hang the new mirror in our bedroom!

  3. A nice neat installation.
    - John S. Russell

    1. Thanks! I'm just happy I was able to easily get the boxes locally.

  4. Just got done with some EMI reports and a colleague sent me this:
    Hitler fails radiated emissions:
    “Why can’t we fix radiated emissions in software?”

  5. Retirement DOESN'T leave you time for everything, does it? :-)


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