Friday, July 26, 2019

Hello?....This Thing Working? Can Ya Hear Me In The Back?

Well, we're up and running on the hot-rod PC from Long Beach with the fresh installation of Kubuntu 19.04.

And I'm slooowly migrating all the data I've accumulated on the laptop in the last year and a half from the laptop to here.

Now that I have a running, apparently stable, system, I reconnected the other drive in here, and now I have all my music back, so I can update the music on the memory stick I use in the Jeep.

Busted out my last brand-new keyboard ( a "das keyboard" from Newegg), and had to run out to Best Buy and get another mouse and a cheap set of speakers.

I still have the IBM Model M "clicky" keyboard I was using in Long Beach, and as soon as I get that one scrubbed up, I'll swap out this keyboard with that one.

And even though the laptop is a YUUGE one, it still has a smaller footprint than a full size 'desktop' PC with a 24" monitor sitting on top of it. I just might buy a "tower" case  to put this hardware in, and that could sit on the floor next to or under the desk here in the sunroom, freeing up some very valuable real estate on the desk here.

But that's a project for another day. Right now I still have to make sure I can get back into all the websites I need logins for.


  1. You have probably forgotten more about computers an I will ever know.
    Glad to see everything seems to be working !

    1. Yeah, weeeeeel...I posted that a bit too soon. It terminally crashed about 20 minutes later when I was mucking around with the video drivers, ALWAYS a perilous thing with Linux!

      Spent five hours this morning getting things back to stable, and as of 1600, it's back on-line.....

  2. Yay! A positive step forward is always good. Glad you can still hear well enough to enjoy the music!

    1. I was gonna bring up my "good" computer speakers from downstairs, but can rarely 'crank it UP!' out here.

      If I want it on 11, I'll plug in my cans.....

  3. I'm still in Google Hell, but I can comment anonymously...sometimes. --LL

    1. Hang in there, buddy!

      Maybe we can find you a place on The Dark Net.....


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