Monday, July 15, 2019

Good News for Little Miss Pebbles

Took her back to the Vet today to see how the meds are working, and this time the Surgeon checked her out. He said she's doing very well, and he thinks that maybe (fingers crossed) she just sprained or twisted her leg causing the injury, rather than actually tearing the ACL in her right hind leg.

And in spite of not getting her daily walks on the nature trails, she's lost about 8 ounces due to our diligently watching her food and limiting her treats.

So we'll continue with the Gabapentin for pain until it's gone, and he'll switch from Rimadyl to a much less expensive generic when what we got from him is used up.

She's definitely feeling better, and wanted to play last night, so we played a bit in the den with a squeaky toy, but I didn't toss it around the room like I usually do because I didn't want her zooming around and getting all worked up.

The lightning detector project is coming along now that my neighbor loaned me a couple of Arduino project books. One of the projects uses the same AS3935 sensor, and has the code I needed to read out and display ALL the registers in the chip instead of just grabbing the "Lightning Detected" and "Estimated Distance" registers. It also uses a different display that isn't limited to 2 lines of 16 characters, and it also includes the calibration routine to properly set up the sensor. It's a far more sophisticated project than the little "kit" I bought, and was pretty much what I was looking for.

The enclosure and Proto-Shields for the Arduino arrived today, along with a "BrutusBot" tracked vehicle semi autonomous "robot" that The Little Guy should get a kick out of as it scoots along avoiding obstacles.

Waiting for some penetrating oil to soak into the splines on the Supra's wiper arms. I may have to go buy a small puller to get them off after being rather firmly attached for the last 34 years!


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    1. And it only cost $160!

      Beats $4k for the operation. This Vet says he doesn't like to do this surgery unless the dog really needs it, and he pretty sure she doesn't. That's why we saw the surgeon this time, rather than her regular Vet.

  2. I think that there is a lot of Schrodinger's cat going on with penetrating oils.
    If you think they work, they sometimes work, but if you think they don't work, they never work.
    I use PB Blaster for large volume application, and I use Aero Kroil for smaller jobs.
    I buy the non-pressurized container of Aero Kroil because I've experienced pressure loss in the spray cans. (and the pressure loss in spray cans isn't limited to Aero Kroil)
    I'd be reluctant to apply heat to the wiper arm hub, but it's a possible option if done very carefully.

    Good news about the dog.

    I was going to insert a joke about the lighting detector and the P-38, but I couldn't quite get it to work.

    1. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. I dripped some PB Blaster on it. Haven't had any Kroil (The Oil That CREEPS!) in years, but I'll look for some next time I'm out.

      Had several cans of wrinkle-finish paint that went 'zero pressure' on me after we moved here.

  3. Agree on the Kroil, and great news on Pebbles.

    1. She's out getting a bath and grooming today.

      She was smelling a bit too 'doggy'!

  4. Glad to hear good news about Pebbles!

    1. The 'problem' is now that she's feeling better, she wants to run and play, and the Vet wants us to discourage that activity for another 2~3 months.

      And she dearly misses her walks on the nature trails here....

  5. Could you seat belt her in a kids stroller and take her on the trail...?

  6. Glad to hear that your dog is doing better. They are family members.

    What is the name of the book that has the lightning detector project in it? I am thinking at getting a detector as I have had some issues from local lightning strikes. It would help me understand the local patterns.


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