Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Solid Offer Received On The House......

They've offered what it's listed at, have a credit score well north of 700, have 20% down, and our agent says they're seriously looking to buy, and have been "priced out" (I think he meant "out bid") of the last three houses they've made offers on.

He says they really like the house, and really want to buy it.

He told us he knows they can go higher, so we're in the negotiating stages right now.

We should know tonight if they'll come up enough to satisfy my wife.

The fat lady just might be warming up in the wings.......


  1. Fingers and toes are crossed....

  2. Just what I was going to say, fingers crossed eh?

  3. Fantastic news, as others said above. :)

  4. Better a bird in the hand than one in the bush.

    1. I talked to him after I got back from the dog park today. He said these people are solid, have 10% CASH for a down payment, have credit scores North of 700 (750, I think he said), and have been seriously trying to buy something all summer, only to get out bid.

      He's going to call their realtor tonight and start negotiations. This might be the buyer we've been waiting for....

    2. Nothing yet. The realtor that brought the young couple be wasn't their realtor, but somebody else who worked for her. Their realtor was on her way back from the East Coast. Our guy was going to call her and start negotiations, but we haven't heard anything back. He thought it would be Friday afternoon or evening before they'd get back to us.

      Our guy hasn't called to say he wants another open house this weekend, which I think is a good sign.

  5. Crossing fingers for you.

    A couple of days ago, you were saying that you thought you might be there longer term - like until after the snow season starts. What does your realtor say about whether you should settle for less than your target price?

    1. The listing price ($510k) is already about 3% under the market. Our target price (what my wife wants) is $15k above the listing price, but she's willing to accept less.

      We had one "offer" of $475k, which we, and the realtor, almost considered an insult.

      We were here last night when this couple came by. They look like a very nice, hard working couple trying to get started. She was in scrubs, and is in some medical field, and he's a plumber working for one of the larger, very reputable plumbing firms here in SoCal. He spotted a lot of the upgrades and expensive maintenance items we've done in the last year, and was impressed that we've taken such good care of the house compared to the others they've looked at.

      My wife had a "soft spot" for them (she likes stray animals, too....), so if they offer $515K~$520k, we'll accept it.

      I don't mind cutting a young couple just starting out a bit of slack, but that $475K offer really was an insult!

  6. Prayers Up for you and your wife that this goes fast and smoothly.


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