Friday, August 11, 2017

House Inspection Complete

One minor issue. The bathtub drain has a slight leak, easily fixed, but not by me. I'm just too old anymore to crawl that far under the house and do anything other than string some cables!

We haven't received our copy of the report, which I had expected sometime today. The new "owners" came by with the inspector, and brought their realtor with them. They were all pumped up up getting their first house, and the guy's wife complimented us on how nice the house looked, and how happy they were that we accepted their offer. They'd been out bid three times on other houses they'd wanted to buy, so they appear to be completely serious about wanting to get this one.

After the report comes in, I'm sure they'll go back to our agent looking for some "compensation" for any issues that were found. Our agent has told us that he'll stand pretty firm on what's already been negotiated. They want the house ASAP, and we have no problem sitting here until spring, so it should be interesting to watch the rest of these proceedings finish....


  1. Cha-Ching - but you have to move all of your stuff.

    1. I know, and I'm NOT looking forward to it.

      Got some more boxes from U-Haul, and some more bubble wrap, and I'll be packing up what's left of the Radio Room this weekend.

  2. If a slight leak is all that was found, then you're in good shape. Congrats again!

    1. We still haven't received the official report, but from what I overheard them talking about, that item is the only thing that could potentially cost some money.

      The wife was worried about some other trivial things, but they either didn't catch them, or didn't think they were important enough to make any noise about.


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