Thursday, August 17, 2017

Escrow Closes September 20th.....

Our realtor just called, and the official closing for the house is 20 September 2017.

This totally screws me for going to Supras In Vegas this year, as the event is the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd of September. I'd planned on leaving on the 20th, but now I have the wife, her car, and the dog to worry about getting moved. Her BFF was going to split the driving of her car with her, and I was going to head to Fort Collins right after the event, drop the Supra off, fly home, rest for a day, and then head back to Fort Collins in the Jeep with the dog.

Turns out I'd counted the days wrong, and thought it closed a week later, which would have made Supras In Vegas a bit difficult, but "doable".


  1. Sorry to hear about the Vegas trip, but closing a week sooner? Woohoo!

  2. Well, it's closing "on time", and not a week early. I goofed when I looked at the calendar, so *I* thought it would be closing on the 25th.

    I suppose I could ship the Jeep, or store it at my son's place, or drive it out early, and make the event, driving on to Fort Collins after SIV, but I'm feeling really 'scattered' at the moment.

    Time to start packing up Radio Central here, and dragging some of the shipping containers out of the garage for the radios that still have them.

  3. At least your escape from CA is assured.


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