Thursday, August 10, 2017

Miscellaneous Moving Mumblings....

Been "working" in the garage to attempt to get things ready to go. It always seems that whatever I'm doing, the wife thinks I should be doing something else.


And of course, her constant litany of "Throw It Away" drones on and on and on and on....

So, do I "throw away" $2,000 worth of stuff to save $500 on moving it?

And by the time I go to replace the $2k of stuff I dumped to shut her up, the cost will have risen to $3k.


And in the process of "decluttering" the house, she just dumped shit everywhere in the garage, with no rhyme or reason as to why things got stacked where they did.

Which means that to even get at my stuff, I've got to tear the whole freaking garage apart........AGAIN.

And she wonders why I have such a hard time getting started on these things......


  1. Take a hint from me. Go to Costco, get those black storage bins with the yellow tops. Get thirty or forty of them and start putting stuff in them, labeling the side. They're easy to move. You'll have them when you arrive in CO and all she will see is neat black boxes with yellow snap on tops. I would guess that I bought fifty or sixty of them.

  2. I've got ten empty ones, and that's what I'm planning on using. Things like spray paint, cable, extension cords, and anything that can be rolled up or laid flat fits in the great.

  3. Damn buddy, so it begins eh?
    Your wife and mine have the exact same M.O..
    Mine trows crap out in the garage all the time and I mean literally.
    She opens the door and flings whatever she doesn't want to deal with inside then shuts the door
    The fact that my 64 Sprite is parked right there doesn't seem to matter...

    Get the bins dude.
    Fill them to the top, jump up and down on the lid if you have to but take as much of your stuff as you can.

    A year and a half after we last moved I am still finding odds and ends occasionally but it can be a total PITA to have to run down and buy a new whatever when you know damn good and well you had three where you used to live but threw them out because "the wife said so."
    Trust me on this and good luck.

  4. Oh, I'm very familiar with buying something I know I have but just can't find.

    I know I'll fill up the bins I bought last month no problem, and probably wind up buying more. A lot of my "portable" radio gear is already binned up like that so it's ready to go at a moments notice.

    The garage situation was worse when the kids lived here. I spend a day or two clearing it out so I could get the Supra in to work on, and POOF! it would magically fill up with shit between eye blinks.

    The ironic thing is that ALL of that stuff got dragged away last month before the house went on the market. They were always going to come back and get it, but I knew that would never happen, and griped about dumping it for the last three years or more.

    Then all of a sudden it becomes a critical item that HAS to be taken care of yesterday..

    I just know she's gonna go all ballistic on me when I start getting stuff out of there to pack.

    I just might go buy a truck and then to to shut up when she sees it.....

  5. Buy the truck. Buy the bins. Bring in a couple of day laborers to load about 80% of what you are taking.Marriage counseling is beyond my skill set.

  6. Dang, you guys should have taken lessons from The Cowman...

    He would back a goose neck stock trailer up to the house, open the trailer gate, open the front door and say, "honey, you've got til the last cattle truck loads to be loaded up and ready to roll out." Miss that man.

  7. I just might go buy a truck and then to to shut up when she sees it.....


  8. When we moved from California to Colorado it cost a little under 50cents per pound for the mowing van expense. I boxed everything up and Mayflower hauled it here. Even with food, I took the fifty cents per pound into account. Brought all my spices and gave away lots of canned veggies. Most everything in the garage came with us. It's still mostly stored in the 40 foot conex in the yard since our house isn't finished.


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