Monday, August 21, 2017

2017 Eclipse in SoCal....

Everybody else is posting about it,, I wouldn't jump off a building if Johhny did it!

Got noticeably dark here this morning, more than I expected.

Made a "pin hole" camera with a piece of cardboard and some aluminum foil, and used it to observe a small bite taken out of the Sun.

I've seen greater totality before, so this was pretty ho-hum for me.

Back to your regularly scheduled whatever.......

Meanwhile, in Cheyenne, WY where out daughter-in-laws younger sister lives, she got this picture:


  1. It was overcast & raining here, so we saw nothing in the Anchorage area. Fairbanks had a pretty good view, but only about 30% occluded.

    1. It got dimmer here this morning, but that was it.

  2. I've seen a few. Busy driving, didn't notice anything other than traffic.

    1. Yeah, I've seen half-a-dozen or so. I'd been hoping we'd be in FTC by now, but.......

  3. Yep, 2024 will bring one an hour away. I might even get up to go see it.


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