Friday, July 28, 2017

Saturday Already?

Gee...time sure flies when you don't know what you're doing....or something like that.

Still Friday, but I'm posting this at 2200, so it probably won't get read by many until Saturday.

Had a busy week. We had five more couples and their realtors come by to check out the house during the week, and we're having another open house Saturday and Sunday.

No offers other than the one couple that backed out.

 I'm starting to think the listing price is too low, and people are saying "What's wrong with the house?" to themselves. One down the street and around the corner finally sold after 60-some days on the market. It was overpriced at $600k, and finally sold for $550k. It was a bit smaller than our house, but had more "modern" upgrades, like the infamous "Granite Countertops!!!", and some other things. We'll just have to see what happens, but at this point, after going through all the hype the first three realtors we interviewed told us, I wouldn't be completely shocked if we didn't get out of here until next Spring. It usually starts snowing in late September in the Fort Collins area, and my wife really, really, really wants to get moved before the snow flies. Once we're settled in to the place we'll be staying at, we can wait it out until Spring to buy, unless a Really Good Deal comes up. Moving is a big enough PITA, let alone doing it during snow season.

Spent three full days on the Iowa this week, which I'm sure is what made the week seem so short. I went down Tuesday for the Great Ethernet Cable Pulling Project, but I was the only one in the work party that showed up! Turns out we'll be going with WiFi instead of being hard-wired in. I haven't heard what type of WiFi router we're going to be using. Hopefully it will be one with some Ethernet ports on it so the two big PC's we have won't need another card installed in them. The laptops we're using for running the logging programs all have built-in WiFi, so no issues there.

Thursday we had a special event to commemorate the signing of the Korean cease-fire, but band conditions were absolutely horrible. The Solar Flux Index was 68 (that's baaaad!), and the bands were noisy. We made a total of 35 contacts on the three stations we had on-the-air from 0900 to 1600 PDST. We can generally get that many per hour, per station, when the band conditions are "good".

And today I was down there to give a personal tour to my late brother-in-law's youngest son, and his two boys, ages 8 and 10. None of them really understood what they were seeing, in terms of history, but they enjoyed it nonetheless.


  1. DRJ, Welcome to the ordeal. The summer selling is always better BEFORE school starts. Having said that, it's like trolling for yellowtail. People show up, they look at the house and they 'kick the tires'. One day somebody will bite. It took me 60 days to get the offer that will close escrow on Monday. BE PATIENT.

    1. Thanks, LL. I'm a very patient person for things like this. It's my wife who's starting to get all "antsy" about it.

      Yep, people with kids want to get all settled in before the school year starts.

      People on a very tight budget like to take possession early in the year so they get the maximum tax deduction.

      And so on.....

      The last couple that came to see the house took all kinds of pictures, and even shot some cellphone video. My wife said thew woman looked in all the cabinets to see hoe much usable space they had, opened all the drawers to see hoe deep they were, and asked a lot of questions about "female stuff", while the husband looked around the backyard, peeked in the garage, and looked inside the little "storage shed" that's scabbed on to the back of the garage.

      Not sure how many we'll get today. I got the Zillow "Open House!!" notice yesterday morning.

      I'm of the opinion, like you, that it'll sell when it sells. It's a nice "little" house, well maintained and kept clean, and it's also the lowest priced one in the area.

      GREAT to hear the escrow on yours closes Monday. WWM gets closer and closer....

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, WSF.

      I know doing a move this far is going to be a PITA, but hey....We'll be OUT of Kommiefornia!

  3. We initially rented out our house when we retired. Found a really good management company. Then last year we decided to put it on the market. Again, we were lucky. Got a good realtor who handled everything. It was an older house and some things needed repairing.
    We were located in walking/driving distance of grade schools, middle school and high school. I thought we would be a year selling it, even though we were within 5 miles of a Marine base. Sold in a couple months to a young single mother with two children and the realtor did the signing for us so we didn't have to be there. Did everything by email or overnight mail.

    Good luck with your sale!

    1. My wife's Physical Therapist recommended getting a management company, and renting the house also. We'd really rather not be absentee landlords, as you have to be extremely careful who you rent a property to in SoCal.

      You're lucky if the house doesn't get completely trashed, and if it gets used for "drug dealing" in any way, the house is likely to be seized, and getting it back is a monumental and expensive task.

      One of the people who came by to look at it a week ago had a rental that was about 100 miles from here. His tenants trashed it so badly that it cost him about $75k to get it fixed enough that he could sell it. He lives a couple of miles away from here, and was looking to buy another place to rent out, and wanted it close enough that he could keep an eye on it.

    2. We were indeed very lucky. And we knew that. That is why I was thankful to get a good realtor to sell it for us, too.

      Good luck and God bless.

  4. Good luck trying to get wireless to run in the boat. I really don't think it will be successful unless there is wireless in EACH compartment.

    1. The wireless for this particular subnet will ONLY be in FACCON 1, so it should work fine.

      There's already wireless deployed all over the ship, multiple dozens of access points were installed so that our visitors can use their tablets anywhere on the tour route, above or below decks.

      There's an "Iowa App" that's a free download, and hundreds of Bluetooth "beacons" were installed. When your tablet (or smartphone) gets close to a beacon, it directs you to a webpage where you can view videos of the exhibit, and get all the facts about it.

  5. Hope that right buyer comes along before too long and snaps up your place.
    Sure would like to get this house on the market before long, wouldn't hurt if it would cool down just a bit, though.

    1. We had a couple bring their realtor by today at 1pm to look again. They were here Sunday, and wanted their realtor's opinion. They really want a place with two bathrooms, but those house are $50k more than ours.

      Another young couple came by at 6pm with their realtor. They also appeared to really like the house, and commented that it was priced under the market.

      Who might sell this week, next week, next month, or in the spring.


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