Thursday, July 13, 2017

Another Step Closer....***UPDATED***

Well, our little place is now listed.

The listing price is what the agent told us, slightly under the appraisal, and he expects "solid" buyers will bid it up a bit to meet the appraisal.

LL stopped by today to pick up the big Pelican case I bought years ago when I had vision of operating Maritime Mobile from the Sea Launch ship I was on. It turned out that getting a Reciprocal Operating Permit from the ship's flag country was extremely difficult, and those plans never happened. I was happy to see the case going to somebody who'll use it!

And the dog treated him like she's known him for years.

Today I got the wireless doorbell working again (dirty battery contacts), changed out the old, worn-looking toilet seat, replaced the switch for the ceiling fan in the Radio Room, dragged all the "eWaste" down to the collection place, and did the vacuuming. There's only one street-view photo of the house, as the photographer had to back out Wednesday, and won't be here until Friday afternoon.

Saturday is the first open house, from 1100 to 1500, so we'll take the dog to the big dog park, and let her run until she drops!

The photographer and agent just left. They were here for a couple of hours taking lots of pix.  The pix will be processed (he shoots in RAW format) and posted with the listing later this afternoon.

The agent also want a second open house on Sunday, also from 1100 to 1500.

Looks like the dog will get a lot of park time this weekend!


  1. Wishing all goes well for you. Know where a 20' aluminum tower can be had for cheap when you relocate.

  2. Thanks, WSF. I'll keep it in mind!

  3. Pebbles (the pit bull) did like me and I thought that she was a splendid dog. Thanks for the Pelican case. I will put it to good use.

    1. Thanks for getting it out of here and putting up with Pebbles The Wonder Dog!

  4. Sounds like everything's ready to go; good luck!

    1. I guess we'll know what the level of interest is after Saturday. Our little house is one of the nicer looking ones in the neighborhood, and the listing price is $65k under what the others are asking. The three other house have been on the market anywhere from 20 days to 75 days. They're simply overpriced in this "working class neighborhood".


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