Saturday, July 15, 2017

Open House Today.....Be Back Later

The agent dropped by and is out running around putting up his signs.

The open house is from 1100~1500, so we have to be out of here. We're taking the dog to the dog park, but before we do that  we have some "Hazardous Waste" to drop off in San Pedro.

Got some used motor oil that has water in it, so the auto parts stores won't take it, along with some old paint, RoundUp, bug spray, oven cleaner, and junk like that.

The wife would have taken it in to the Long Beach place, but they're only open one weekend per month!

Se y'all after about 1530 PDST!


  1. Thanks, guys!

    We just got back and talked with our agent.

    We had a total of 40 people come through. About 10 were neighbors who were curious (we've done the same things, and he says it's very common), another 10 were "lookie-loos" who he says he can spot a mile away, and the remaining 20 were definitely looking for a home in this area, and told him ours seemed to be the only reasonably priced home they'd looked at.

    We're having another open hous tomorrow on Sunday, and his Mom will be doing that one. She's been selling real estate in SoCal for 35+ years, so her take on this will be interesting.

    Our agent said he'd expect to hear from at least two of the couples who came by and seemed extremely interested.

    Time will tell....

    1. Good luck. From my VIP guided tour, (accompanied by the WonderDog) I'd say that you were ready to go.

    2. Yeah, but.....we still have the garage to pack, and I'm sure she's gonna push, push, push to try and force me to throw away some of that "junk" in there.

      She just doesn't understand that some of that "junk" is worth some serious bucks!

      Like the "junk" Collins receiver I sold on eBay for, oh....SEVEN HUNDRED dollars!


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