Saturday, July 8, 2017

House Sale Progress

And progress it is!

We got the "Yard Beautification Program" finished today, and I must say, with all the fresh exterior paint the house looks pretty nice.

Only room left to do is the Radio Room, and that's about 1/2 cleaned out. Should be finished by Sunday night.

The "Deep Cleaning" specialist is coming Monday morning, and will be finished by Tuesday.

The photographer will be here Tuesday afternoon / Wednesday morning, proper light and weather permitting, and the house goes on the market Thursday.

Our realtor is confident the house will sell in 14 days, with escrow taking 20~25 days.

Looks like we'll be outta here by the middle of August, end of August at the latest.

Back to boxing stuff up.....


  1. Is the "deep cleaning specialist" going to stage the interior also?

  2. No, just do the cleaning.

    Our agent told us that since the house isn't empty, it wouldn't be worthwhile to get a "staging specialist" in here. We've done all the things he suggested, so the house is "staged" as well as it could be.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, sir!

      I'll be SOOOOOO freaking happy to get out of Kalifornia!

  4. Sounds like good news, all'round. :)

    1. More stressful than I prefer, but yeah, looks like we'll be outta here in a little over a month.

  5. Moving has to be one of the most exasperating, stressful things on earth. But once it's over, life will be a lot more livable for you.

  6. Wow, just think in a little bit you will be in a better place.
    I've done all the painting, fixing up, repairing myself. Exhausting, but worth it in the end, I pray. Found a realtor that's a go getter, he says a custom house like this one should move quickly, and at $30,000 more than the other realtors told me. I hope he is right.

    1. You're in NorCal? I know the market down here is really "hot", and I guess the bay area is on fire, too.

      We will be very happy to get away from all this madness....

    2. Yep, I'm in NorCal, and the market is picking up here as well. Not as hot as areas with more jobs, but still good.
      I love my friends & family here, but I have friends & family farther north, so I'm headed up there.


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