Friday, July 21, 2017

Open House Again Saturday and Sunday.

Hopefully we'll get some more interested people.

Our Realtor is a really cool guy. He's a staunch conservative, NRA Life Member, and so are the rest of his family members. I was supposed to take the dog out the other day when he had the "mini" open house, but just as I was leaving, a potential buyer walked up, so I took the dog out back. After that person left I started talking to him about firearms and things and another couple showed up, so I dragged the dog out again.

We never did make it to the dog park as we had so much fun yakking away between people coming by to look at the house!


  1. The wonder dog will decide who is and who is not worthy to buy your house.

    1. Pebbles sure likes our realtor.

      Besides conservative NRA member he's also a dog owner.

  2. Now if he just comes through for you...


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