Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Almost Finished Clearing The Broken Tree Out

 And where's my Tylenol??

So far, we've spent about 12 hours on this unexpected "project", but we made a significant dent in it since Thursday when I started using the saw.

We went from this:

To this in the back:

And from this:

To this in the front:

Besides the one bundle-of-sticks in the second photo, we have this for the tree guy to haul away. The pile is about 20' long, 4' high, and 3' deep.

And we managed to salvage a bunch of firewood. This is *maybe* 20% of what we'll have when I'm finished. Still have some small branches and twigs to bust off this pile:

But this pile is about ready to stack. The one log that's split is where the upper third of the trunk broke and peeled away from what's left of the tree.

And I still have this big dude to dismember:

It's about 10' long and 8~10" in diameter, so I'll either have to saw or split the logs once I cut them to a manageable length.

Time for a hot shower and some dinner.......


  1. Great job! That's a lot of work!

    1. I felt it today for the first time in my arms. Felt like I'd been pulling cable all day!

  2. What LindaG said. Our chainsaw is gas powered, and 20". It does a lot of work very quickly, but someone still has to pick up the pieces. Pass the Blue Emu.

    1. Yeah, I was sawing away and handling the big stuff while SLW was dragging stuff out to the front. I'd cut most of the branches off the previous two days, and couldn't believe how big the pile got!

      This is a 16" saw, and it has enough power to easily go through the 10" stuff I have. It's perfect for a home owner here.

  3. Replies
    1. I don't know if he does or not. The guys from Rist Canyon Tree Service had one powered by a 4-cylinder engine! I couldn't believe the size of the stuff they were tossing into it. Be a great cover for somebody like Tony Soprano......


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