Thursday, April 22, 2021

ADS-B Project Update.....

 Since I don't leave this computer running 24/7, and I'd like to record the data from the ADS-B decoding program, I decided to build a "Raspberry Pi" single-board computer to run this continuously, similar to what I do with my weather station.

These are very versatile, inexpensive, little computers running the "Raspberry Pi OS", which is a derivative of the Debian distribution of Linux.

Cute little thing:

It has 4 USB ports, an Ethernet port, built-in wireless, and an HDMI port.

And here it is, all pit together and cabled-up:

 This is a screenshot from this computer, looking at the network address I'm using for this new little stand-alone computer. The "For Development Use Only" splattered on the map is because I don't have the "key" to allow full use of Google Maps. It's very easy to get one, no fee, but I'm looking into using an Open Source map.

I moved the antenna from hanging on the wall to being in the center of the window behind the desk, but it didn't improve the signals much. Tonight's little side project is to build a 1090MHz ground-plane antenna. If that shows promise, I'll see about mounting it outside with a short length of low-loss coax, as I should be receiving many more aircraft than I am.


  1. I need to look at one of those little Raspberry Pis...

    1. We used them all over the place on the Iowa. They ran kiosks and exhibit displays, and the radio guys were big on them, too. The default Operating System is a version of Debian Linux, but you can also get a free Windows 10 download.

      If you're easy on them, they can make a decent desktop PC.


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