Sunday, November 3, 2013

OUCH! My Wife Just Got A $9k/yr Pay Cut!

All done through the smoke and mirrors of "Reduction in Hours".

She's the Office Manager at a local magnet High-School, and her schedule is locked in to the Principal's schedule. Her former Principal was a "12 month" employee, so my wife was locked in to that schedule.

WELL.....she retired to take of her mother, who has numerous medical issues, and the school district has declared that all "new" principals will be "10 month" employees, to better match up with when the students are on campus.

POOF! There goes two months of salary for my wife, which is about $9400. They also "front" her the sick leave and vacation allotment for the year, and she might have to give a couple of days "back" to the school district. She rarely uses her sick leave, so I think she'll be OK, but she's going to go through her payroll statements to see what her balance is.

Since her retirement is based on the highest salary she receives in the last 3 years of employment, she's thinking of retiring in two years at age 59. This would base her retirement on the last year she was a "12 month" employee. If she doesn't, she'd have to work to age 64 to "catch up", and at that time she'd get about $21/month more than if she retires at age 59, making it almost a no-brainer to retire early.

This kind of came out-of-the-blue on her, as she'd had some (verbal) assurance that she and one other staff person would continue to be "12 month" employees, as there's lot of things that go on at schools during the time when the students aren't there, like managing and overseeing various contracts and other activities that are in place to get things done.

We'll just have to take a day at a time for now....


  1. Hi Jim, I am sorry to hear about this shock. Obamanation socialism creeps into our lives at every turn. My brother has been a 40hr/week employee at Macys for decades. He is now a 29/hr employee with no health insurance. Thanks Obama!

  2. These economic shock waves are only the first, and - if nothing is done about it - could well get much, much worse in the next year.

    Sorry to hear it affecting you, though.

  3. These were "pre-programmed" cuts that were implemented some time back. My wife's Principal was NOT planning on retiring this early, but sometimes family matters have a way of taking precedence over our 'normal' day-to-day activities.

    And we still have no idea of how the CF that 0bamacare is going to impact our medical plan. I opted out of most medical coverage with my employer (I kept dental and vision because the plans were better, and my Dentist is "in network"), and my wife's primary medical coverage was far superior to what I had been offered.

    Her plan is probably considered a "Cadillac Plan", so there's uncertainty there, but the school district hasn't said a peep about what and how things will be changing.

    And I'm sure they *will* be changing!

  4. Ouch... No legal recourse I take it? That sucks and the sooner she can leave the better!!!

  5. Nope, the policy was well known many months ago.

    And then today I found out that the new policy blocking most Internet sites will be in force, even after "business hours", while we're at sea!

    My next Doctor's appointment is December 5th, and gee...wouldn't it just be sad too bad if he declared I WASN'T fit for sea duty?

    After the wonderful "medical care" I received when I fell down the stairs a year ago last August, I really do have serious doubts about their ability to handle a cardiac emergency at-sea.

    I think I'm going to be a landlubber until I retire......


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