Saturday, November 30, 2013

Saturday Morning "Get Yer Feet MOVIN!" Music

If this doesn't do it, maybe you're not among the living anymore!

Just got back from the World Famous W6TRW swap meet.

Got 200' of "550 paracord" for $10

Got 10 clipboards (nice ones) for $10

Bought a bunch of double-banana plugs-to-BNC adapters for $1 each

Bought 500 paper/plastic CD sleeves for $2

AND...bought a very clean Kenwwod R-2000 Communications Receiver for $75, an amazing bargin.

These are good little receivers, and the only thing "wrong" with this one is that the top shell of the case has the paint scratched up pretty badly in one place.

Since various vendors sell the correct color Kenwood paint in spray cans, it'll be a simple matter to pull the case, wash it, hit with my orbital sander, and respray it.

Now to get that antenna raised another 10' and continue with my FUNCube/RTL dongle experiments!

It's a beautiful day here in SoCal. Clear, cool, and there's a bit of snow in the local mountains.

Have a good day, everybody!


  1. You're a braver soul than I! I'm staying the hell away from Malls etc... :-)

  2. Surprisingly, the swap meet was 'missing' about 20~25% of the venodrs.

    LOTS of empty spaces, but since I haven't been there in almost a year, I don't know if this is seasonal or if they're losing vendors.

    I suspect it's seasonal, as the ones who were there were doing a lot of business, and I saw lots of cash exchanging hands, and lots of items being wheeled out on carts by old farts like me.

  3. Were you able to get the user manuals with it also? I would need user manuals.

  4. The user and service manuals are both freely available at various sites on the Internet.


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