Thursday, November 21, 2013

*REALLY* Out of it Today

Took yesterday off work to go see the Doctor about these headaches I've been having. I *know* I've needed new glasses for some time now (the ones I have are 4+ years old...shame on me!), and finally called my eye Doctor for an appointment a couple of weeks ago.

They scheduled me for a December 27th appointment, so I figured I'd just grin and bear it.

WELL....the headaches were getting worse, to the point that my neck was hurting, and my eyes were watering, and my wife was starting to bug me about going to the Doctor, so I went to the walk-in yesterday.

The Doctor asked a bunch of questions about my 'eye history', did some simple tests, asked some questions, looked at my eyes, ears, nose, and throat (remember "ENT" Doctors?), and said I was probably right, but just to be sure, she called the Neurology Department to see if they could see me. The Doctor over in the other building was free, so I trudged over there, got checked for any easy-to-spot neurological problems, and got scolded for not taking care of my eyes better!

Since my eye care provider is affiliated with my primary medical group, both Doctors sent over a referral marked "Urgent", and requested they get me in ASAP for a full eye exam, and get me fitted for some new glasses.

I'm to give them a call this afternoon after the referral is 'in the system', and see if they can get me in before my scheduled appointment.

And I got a prescription for some muscle relaxants as the severe eye strain was causing spasms in my neck muscles, leading to some pretty stout headaches.

And I think I'll go back to bed for a while.....


  1. I hope you get new glasses SOON!

  2. So do I!

    The ones I have are 'kinda-sorta' OK for driving and watching TV, but for the last several months I've had to take them off for "close work", like bench work, and then put them back on.

    I should have called 6 months ago!

  3. ENT? Yeah. Now, it's otolaryngologist. I remember when my old "family doctor" would do minor surgery right there in the office. I've pretty much given up on the general practitioner visit.For the stuff I need, my old one would just refer me to a specialist anyway. Pfui!

    I've had the eyestrain stuff too, but not that bad. Well, it's easy to let it go, when you have other things going on.

  4. Yep, eyes DO drive a number of other problems... Glad you're getting a referral NOW!


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