Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Veteran's Day and Other Ruminations

And my sincerest apologies for not posting my thanks on time for all you've done for us.

I would have posted something from work, but TPTB have blocked so many websites that they've basically crippled the Internet for 'normal' use.

ANY and ALL "Online Community" sites have been blocked (like blogger) as well as numerous other technical forums I visit when I need to find out information.

And these policies will be in effect when we're out at sea, severely limiting our after-hours activities.

One of the sites they've blocked is eBay, and since so much of our equipment is old, obsolete, and no longer supported by the OEM, we're forced (or were...) to find replacement units and parts on eBay.

I saved over $3500 by buying bits and pieces for the CCTV "remodel" I just finished, and over the last several years since the company came out of Chapter 11, I saved them well over $25,000 buying equipment, connectors, cable, and other items on eBay.

Yes, I know sometimes it's cheaper to buy things from other vendors than to buy them on eBay, and I always check a variety of sources before I buy something.

The eBay block was supposedly lifted last week, but we still can't access the site.

And they're not too concerned about it, despite the requests from at least ten of us, who gave them written proof of the money we've saved.

This is definitely going to have a severe impact on at-sea morale, as there's only so much to do after-hours (OT is severely restricted, so there's a LOT of "after hours" time), and free access to the Internet made the grind of being out on a launch mission more bearable.

Guess I'll have to buy a book on scrimshaw or knot tying to take with me.....


  1. Time to TRULY retire... Just sayin...

  2. Getting closer every day, my friend!

    And if they want me to come back as a contractor......ooooh, boy, are they gonna pay for it!


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