Sunday, November 17, 2013

NRA "First Sterps - Pistol" AAR

Well, I assisted in another class today, which included two people I used to work with.

The class went well, and the students were all excellent shots, which is unusual, and we graduated another 12 people.

After the class, my two friends and I went out to the range so they could try various pistols before they decided what to buy.

My former manager was talking "Glock!" all day long, until we got out on the range, and she had the opportunity to load and fire one repeatedly.

Turns out she hated it!

She had a hard time loading the double-stack magazine, and although she shot it very well, she said she just "didn't like it".

Her boyfriend was pretty neutral about the Glock, so I let them try my wife's S&W TRR-8 revolver, which they both loved, praising how easy it was to load ('s a revolver!), how nicely it fit their hands, and how well balanced it was, which are the same reasons I bought it for my wife.

They were firing 38 Special out of it to get used to it, and then we switched to some Fiochhi ammo I had, which are pretty hot loads.

The first couple of BOOMS! were greeted by smiles, but after they'd both fired about 20 rounds each, they were getting tired of the recoil (and concussion....), so we switched to my Kimber 1911.

We spent some time going over the controls and the grip and thumb safeties, and then they took turns firing it.

Surprise, they liked the 1911! They could both load the magazines easily and rapidly, had no problem with the recoil, which they heard was very stout, and just loved the glow-in-the-dark sights it comes with.

Final gun of the day was my SIG P226, in 40 S&W. Again, they didn't like loading the double-stack magazines, and while they could fire it single action quite well, they both had a hard time adjusting to the first shot after using the decocking lever having such a long pull, followed by the second shot being single action. This is the same reason I don't particularly care for the P226, even though I think it's a very fine pistol otherwise. that they've had their first class, passed their Kaliforniastan Handgun "Safety" Certificate tests, and fired a number of different '''pistols",what are they going to buy? I don't know, and I don't think they know yet, either. We're planning on some more range time together where I bring the two guns of mine they like the most, and they rent a couple of different types to try.

They both understand that to get proficient with a hand gun requires time on the range learning to use it, and that *whatever* they decide to buy has to fit their hands comfortably, "feel good" to them, be easy to load, easy to operate, and enjoyable to shoot.

I'm looking forward to spending some more time at the range with them, and I'll bring my wife along so the two ladies can discuss guns.


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