Saturday, August 15, 2020

Verizon / AOL email Down

 I keep getting various "Gateway" error messages indicating "Bad Gateway", "Gateway Down", etc.

Not sure if it's on our (Comcast) side, or their side.

Oh, well.....

And now it's working again.....


  1. Cox was down here on Tuesday. That put a serious crimp in everything for us - email, fecesbook, prime video, blogging, and I had a telemed video with the nephrologist that got postponed a day. Service got restored overnight. We hate when that happens.

  2. Geez....and now I just had to log back in to Blogger....

    I can ping the servers just fine, but they won't allow me to connect.

    Looks like it's an InterWebz thing I have no control over....

  3. And you are computer literate! Imagine the frustration of an old fart like me.

    1. Well, at least I know enough to be able to figure out if it's on my end or not.

      It started working again about 15 minutes after I installed an "email client", which wouldn't connect, either, and that's what made me decide it ain't here!


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