Wednesday, August 12, 2020

More Neighborhood Changes Pending....

 The house at the end of our cul-de-sac is being sold. I received a listing for it in this morning's email, and the listing stated "Under Contract before Publishing", indicating nice houses in nice neighborhoods are still "hot" here in FoCo.


4br, 3ba, 3100sqft, 11,400sqft lot, and it sold for $475k. One across the street at the end of the cul-de-sac recently went for $550k, but it was bigger, and extremely nice inside, with a gorgeous yard.

I've received listings for what appear to be decent houses at decent prices here, and the house sits on the market for 30, 60, 90 days -or longer-, and then either drops off the MLS rolls, or goes up for rent.

Even though I've been watching the market here about 7 years, I'm still surprised when I see some properties languish, while others never really make it market, or sell in a week.

Of course, since we're no longer actively seeking a house, I haven't seen any of the properties that look "OK" in the listing, but fall apart when you open the front door and go inside, or get a close look at the exterior trim, windows, siding, roof, etc.

And whoo-boy, did we ever see a few of those when we were looking!

Still, it's good to see life go on, and I'm wondering who the new neighbors will be.


  1. Many in my extended family are, or were, real estate agents. The stories they can tell! In the car biz we talked bore and stroke, down payment and monthly payment. My relatives tell me a good appraisal is the key along with down payment, credit history, and ability to make the payments. Sounds deceptively simple.

  2. We were "Highly Qualified Buyers" when we moved here, and SLW was a "Highly Motivated Buyer", as she flat-out made it clear she was NOT staying in the little apartment (with a BIG shop attached) over the winter.

    We also had a very good agent, and the sellers of this place were also highly motivated. Between the appraisal and home inspection report, we bought the house "under market", and flew through escrow in three weeks.

    It's a very different market here than SoCal, where 99% sell for listing price or above.

  3. Damn I’m setting on a gold mine, got a 4 bed, 2 bath, split ac unit, one up one down, barn, equipment shed 2.5 detached garage, plus mam cave, all fenced for under 300,000, plus deer and turkey hunting is awesome,

  4. Appraisals get 'skewed' to get what one needs if the agent isn't totally honest. And the prices can skew in EITHER direction. Had that tried on me twice by crooked realtors. Plus have family that own an appraisal firm. Talk about stories!!!

    1. It's a game, for sure!

      Our place started out at $420k, and buy the time the dust had settled, we bought it for $375k.


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