Sunday, August 9, 2020

Fort Collins Residents Attack Antifa Thugs after Veteran In Wheelchair Assaulted

 Totally missed this yesterday, but thanks to extexanwannabee, now I know about it.


I usually have a scanner running, but unless it's a call to/from the Larimer County Sheriff, or the Colorado Highway Patrol, I won't hear it. Ft. Collins turned on the encryption for ALL police radios after a one-term Chief of Police thought it was a good idea.

Full article is here:

Antifa Beaten After They Allegedly Went After Man In Wheelchair: ‘You Guys Came To The Wrong City’


  1. What in tarnation ever provoked those idiots to come to that neighborhood, attack a guy in a wheelchair and then tangle with that crowd, and then the police?
    Why won't they come to my neighborhood?
    What do we use as bait?

    1. No idea, Ed, except maybe what WSF mentioned....paid thugs.

  2. Your home town has a cluster of blue surrounding the university but Larimer County is mostly red. Saw one video of the beat down and some of those Pantifas weren't kids - looked more like late 30's. Paid thugs?

    1. This neighborhood is ~60/40 Red/Blue. You can easily spot the "blue" homes with their stupid yard signs, Prius, Volvo, and Subaru cars with all the "correct" bumper stickers on them.

      LOTS of veterans in this area, too, if all the USMC/Army/Navy/Air Force license plates and stickers are any indication.

    2. My "Recall Polis" sticker gets me the occasional one finger wave.

    3. Last year at the County Fair there were people collecting signatures to recall him. Half the people they asked said "HELL YES, I'll sign it!", which really cracked up SLW!

  3. There need to be more beat downs.

  4. Replies
    1. From what I've heard, "escorting" them out of the neighborhood was going fairly smoothly until they went after the Veteran, knocked him and his chair over, and went for his flag.

      Then people came boiling out of their homes to assist.

      Damn good thing for the "Peaceful Protesters" that the cops showed up.....

    2. Hi. I'm the "disabled vet in a wheelchair." Nobody on either side bothered me in the slightest. The fighting started a minute or two before I got to that ditch, and wasn't triggered by either group hurting me in any way.

    3. the "news" reports are wrong? I guess the people I talked to embellished things a bit.

      In any case, thank you for your service, and I'm happy to hear you weren't injured in any way.

      And thank you for the correction.


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