Sunday, April 28, 2019

Sunday Morning "Excitment".....

Not sure what else to call it when you see a brigade of firetrucks screaming into your neighborhood...

My wife wondered what all the fire trucks were doing, so since she twisted her knee, I turned on my scanner and walked down the street.

There were five fire trucks, three Suburbans, two ambulances,, and firemen everywhere. The house had ladders up to the second story on three sides of the house, and firemen were scrambling up and down them with hoses, axes, and other fire fighting tools.

The scanner locked on to the Poudre Fire Authority channel, and I found out one of their solar panels failed, caught fire, and set the roof on fire. Our neighbor's kids right across the street were outside playing in their backyard, saw the smoke, told their Mom, who called the homeowners, who looked outside and immediately dialed 911.

Seeing that Fire Station #4 is less than a mile away, I'm sure they were here PRONTO.

From what I heard on the scanner, the fire was contained to just the roof, and burned a hole about 6"x12" through the roof. The firemen reported very minor smoke and water damage to the attic and ceiling, and they used big fans to clear the house.

So no major damage, NO injuries, and kudos to the kids who spotted it, and told their Mom, who called the neighbors.

And three cheers to the Poudre Fire Authority for their rapid response, and excellent job in striking the fire.


  1. They would have been pretty much done for here. Our fire department is volunteer, with three stations in the county. When there's a fire, the county dispatcher puts out a call, the volunteers have to get to the appropriate station, get geared up, then get to the fire. The newspaper report of the fire usually says "the structure was fully enveloped in flames when directed arrived."

  2. Yeah, one of the hazards of living in a rural area.

    Our in-laws have a big homestead up in Rist Canyon, and their Fire Department is mostly volunteer. The Fire House is always manned with a couple of guys, but the bulk of the fire fighters are on-call.

  3. The volunteers are better than nothing which was the case in most places I grew up in. Fire is something I fear and respect.

  4. Not 'knocking' the volunteers at all. They're all good guys and know what they're doing. The Rist Canyon VFD saved many homes when the fires roared though the canyon the last time. I have great respect for all firefighters. Brave guys, one and all.

    I'm just used to The Big City, and nowadays I'm relearning all the things of my youth since we moved back to Free America!

  5. Solar panels, wind turbines, ugh!
    Nearly every place we lived there has been a volunteer FD made up of friends & neighbors. They saved the cowman's life more than once or twenty times. They have my utmost respect and gratitude.

    1. I drove by there yesterday afternoon, and the "Restoration Company" was there putting a tarp over the 12"x24" hole in the roof.

      All the small towns and villages around the city I grew up in had volunteer FD's.

      And they saved many structures and people.


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