Thursday, May 31, 2018

Whittle & Co. Smack Another One Outta The Park

Great commentary from Bill and the guys on the Progressive's latest gun grab, and their reasoning (if you can call it that) behind it.

Great quote from the show..."When you pry the AR-15 from my cold dead hands, please don't grab it by the barrel as it's HOT.....", to which I'll add "And don't trip on the huge pile of smoking brass surrounding my body".



  1. For sure the (P)regressives won't get their hands dirty.

  2. They never do. It's "beneath" them. Why get dirty when you can have a minion do it for you?

  3. And if they did burn their hands and trip on the brass, they would sue your estate for the injuries, both physical and mental. Bill W got it right, they are meglomanical cowards who can't stand those who aren't; they are mentally stuck on the grade school play ground.

    1. Yup. They're the snot-nosed little brats constantly yelling TEACHER!!


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