Saturday, May 19, 2018

A Little Music For A Rainy Night....

Well, it was supposed to be rainy tonight. More of a drizzly, 45* night. Looks like we should be drying out Saturday, and then more drizzle is expected Sunday night.

So, with the garage getting pretty much finished, I'll be getting back to scrubbing the color back into the right side of the car. AND.....when I did the hood I used the blue "no scratch" Scotch-Brite, which took the stuff that was stuck to the paint off the paint, but did nothing to remove the top layer of dead paint, which is still there in all it's stained glory, and really jumps out at you when you close the hood and see it next to the clean fender and nose panel. So I'll have to spend a couple or three hours recleaning the hood. I was hoping to be able to live with it, but geesh...the hood on this car is freakin' YUGE compared to the other panels, and it really looks bad.


  1. This type of rain is good for filling the reservoirs. Stalled super cells above the foothills not so good.


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