Tuesday, March 1, 2016

RATS! My Uniden BCD996XT Scanner Died!

Went to turn the scanner on the other day, and it wouldn't power up.

Figured it was the cheep little switching supply that came with it, so I ordered another one.

WELL....still wouldn't power up, so I measured the output of the original power supply, and it was NINETEEN VOLTS!

Ugh....double plus ungood.

So, looks like I have another project to do. I'll have to pull it out of the case and see if I can find anything obviously wrong. Otherwise I'll have to pack it off to Uniden for repair.

The good news is that Uniden charges a flat $80 repair fee for these.

The bad news is the it's their power supply that killed the radio!

Guess I'll have to get my trusty BCD796D off the shelf and return it to service.

Oh....and I DAMN sure won't EVER power up a $500 scanner with a POS $2 switching supply again!


  1. Every complex system has a weakest link, but at least yours is somewhat mitigated by the company's flat-rate policy.

  2. Yeah, it takes some of the sting out of it.

    It used to be a $50 flat fee, but like everything else, it went up.

    I'll pull the cover tonight and give it a look-see. It might be fixable by me.


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