Tuesday, March 22, 2016

"Off Limts" Area Tour of Battleship Iowa

People keep asking me "Can I go see...." on various places on the ship, and I have to tell them no.

SO....here's a "Behind The Scenes" tour of up to the O-10 level, the engine and fire (boiler) rooms, the Main Battery Control Room, and the Combat Engagement Center.

The CEC is about 75% restored now, and will be open soon, along with getting the Com Center on the tour route, possibly this year.



  1. I recognize the era's technology due to having served on a 1945 destroyer (in the 70s), but the Iowa is several orders of magnitude more complex. Thanks for letting us "peek inside".

  2. Oh, too cool indeed! Every time I give myself a tour of ships like that, I get in trouble. With one notable exception...heh.

  3. Murph, you're welcome out here any time you can make it.

    Get here on a Wednesday, and I can take you down on Broadway to see the engine and fire rooms, the transmitter room, and the main battery plot, with the old Ford analog computers, and the brass handles/triggers to fire the guns.

    1. Sounds great. What powder should I bring for the guns?

    2. Not sure of the type, but it's 660 POUNDS per shot....

  4. Very nice! The old girl is in pretty good shape!

  5. Except for the "cosmetic" issues of splotches of red primer all over the place, the Navy did an excellent job of preserving her while she was in mothballs.

    The *exterior* was in really sad shape from sitting for 25 years without any attention, but the interior spaces were in remarkably good condition.

    We still have areas on the ship where all the silver flex duct are still in place from the dehumidification system!


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